Fighting style: Grappler
Stance: Southpaw
Division: Lightweight
Height: 5' 8"
Reach: 70"
Leg reach: 38.00
Weight: 155 lbs.
Team: Evolve MMA (2009–present)[4] RDA Academy RVCA Kings MMA (2012–2016)[5][6]
Nationality: Brazil
Out of: Huntington Beach, California, United States
Age: 38


Wins by KO: 5
Wins by submission: 10
Wins by decision: 15
Avg. Sig. Strikes Per Event: 36.5



Significant Strikes Attempted: 3780
Significant Strikes Landed: 1782


Takedowns Attempted: 191
Takedowns Landed: 45


Rafael dos Anjos is a Brazilian mixed martial artist who currently competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He is a former UFC Lightweight Champion, having held the title from 2015 to 2016. Dos Anjos is also a former World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) Welterweight Champion.

Dos Anjos was born on October 26th, 1984 in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil and began training jiu-jitsu when he was just nine years old. He started his MMA career in 2004 and quickly compiled an impressive record of 19 wins and 4 losses over six different promotions before signing with WEC in 2008. In his first fight for WEC against Rob McCullough at WEC 32 that same year Dos Anjos won via TKO due to knees to the body and punches. With this victory he became the third ever fighter to win a major MMA organization title while representing Brazil.

In 2010 he joined UFC as part of its merger with WEC where he went on to become one of the most successful fighters in its lightweight division – going 17-6 over seven years between 2010 and 2017, before making it all the way up to Middleweight champion for two fights itself in 2018-19 period taking total wins tally within UFC stable at 30 victories so far . On March 14th 2015, Dos Anjos earned himself a unaminous decision win against Anthony Pettis becoming UFC’s lightweight champion thus creating history as first ever fighter from Brazil clinch world title within premier promotion of MMA . Rafael would go on defend his title once against Donald Cerrone but lost it out Al Iaquinta some time later setting new ground by competing across three weight classes during his career starting off with featherweight , light weight & then middlewieght class eventually ending championship run by losing bout versus current reigning king Israel Adesanya .

Despite loss Rafael continues fighting even today up until recently competing against Leon Edwards which ended up being declared no contest due unfortunate eye poke incident however since 31st Jan 2021 we haven’t seen action inside octagon so far though considering past track record it’s clear that Rafael still has lot left offer & we can expect him any time back soon enough crossing 50 fight mark altogether across multiple organizations thereby taking him 13 points shy away from hall fame induction consideration which seems very much achievable for fighters like him given consistency displayed throughout tenure till date .

Fight History

Mateusz Gamrot
Rafael Dos Anjos: Defeated
by Unanimous Decision in Round 3
Sat. Mar 09, 2024
UFC 299: O
Vicente Luque
Rafael Dos Anjos: Defeated
by Unanimous Decision in Round 5
Sat. Aug 12, 2023
UFC Fight Night: Luque vs. Dos Anjos
Bryan Barberena
Rafael Dos Anjos: Winner
by Submission in Round 2 @ 3:20
Sat. Dec 03, 2022
UFC Fight Night: Thompson vs. Holland
Rafael Fiziev
Rafael Dos Anjos: Defeated
by KO/TKO in Round 5 @ 0:18
Sat. Jul 09, 2022
UFC Fight Night: Dos Anjos vs. Fiziev
Renato Moicano
Rafael Dos Anjos: Winner
by Unanimous Decision in Round 5
Sat. Mar 05, 2022
UFC 272: Covington vs. Masvidal
Paul Felder
Rafael Dos Anjos: Winner
by Decision in Round 5
Sat. Nov 14, 2020
UFC Fight Night: Felder vs. Dos Anjos
Michael Chiesa
Rafael Dos Anjos: Defeated
by Decision in Round 3
Sat. Jan 25, 2020
UFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs. Dos Santos
Leon Edwards
Rafael Dos Anjos: Defeated
by Decision in Round 5
Sat. Jul 20, 2019
UFC FN: Dos Anjos vs. Edwards
Kevin Lee
Rafael Dos Anjos: Winner
by Submission in Round 4
Sat. May 18, 2019
UFC Fight Night: Dos Anjos vs. Lee


What Is Rafael Dos Anjos' Record?
Rafael dos Anjos has a professional fighting record of 32 wins and 15 losses.

Who Is Rafael Dos Anjos' Next Opponent In His Upcoming Fight?
Rafael Dos Anjos' next opponent in his upcoming fight is Mateusz Gamrot, scheduled for March 9, 2024, at UFC 299.

What Is The Age Of Rafael Dos Anjos?
Rafael Dos Anjos is 39 years old.

What Is The Height Of Rafael Dos Anjos?
Rafael dos Anjos stands at a height of 5′ 8″.

"What Is Rafael Dos Anjos' Record On Tapology?"
As a UFC journalist, I'm unable to provide Rafael dos Anjos' up-to-the-minute record on Tapology as it may change after each match and it requires real-time update, I would recommend checking the Tapology website for the most current information.

Rafael Dos Anjos Last Fight
As of the context given, the specific details about Rafael dos Anjos' last fight are unknown.

Did The Fight Between Rafael Dos Anjos And Conor McGregor Take Place?
No, the fight between Rafael Dos Anjos and Conor McGregor did not take place due to a foot injury sustained by Dos Anjos.

What Is Rafael Dos Anjos' Net Worth?
The net worth of Rafael dos Anjos is unknown as the provided context does not specify the amount.

Who Is Rafael Dos Anjos In UFC?
Rafael Dos Anjos is a former UFC Lightweight World Champion and one of the top MMA fighters globally, with a professional record of 28-11.

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