Colby “Chaos” Covington is confident that he would knock out Islam Makhachev if the lightweight champion ever moved up a weight class. “I think I dust him inside of three rounds,” Covington recently told MMA Junkie. Makhachev is currently the UFC lightweight champion and is expected to defend his title against Charles Oliveira at UFC 264 in July 2021.

Covington doubts that Makhachev would move up to welterweight or even compete in a catchweight bout against someone like himself, who has been fighting at 170 pounds for most of his career. However, Covington believes it wouldn’t matter if he did make the jump; he’s confident that he’d be able to take care of business with ease.

“Islam doesn’t want any part of me,” said Covington. “He knows what kind of fight it would be and how easy it would be for me to put him away.”

Colby Covington

Makhachev has yet to face an opponent (in either division) with wrestling credentials even close to those possessed by former All-American wrestler and reigning interim welterweight champion Colby Covington. He’s had impressive wins over Drew Dober, Rafael dos Anjos, Arman Tsarukyan, Kajan Johnson—all strikers—but never had an opportunity yet to test his skills against someone as well-rounded as “Chaos”.

It isn’t just on paper where this matchup favors Covington: since joining American Top Team in 2014 (where he trained alongside former teammate Jorge Masvidal), the 32-year-old Californian has transformed himself from a defensive wrestler into one of the best combination boxing practitioners in all of MMA.

One thing can be certain though –– should Makhachev decide one day that moving up in weight classes will benefit him more than staying within 155 lbs., then few opponents other than Colby ‘Chaos’Covigington will present such a formidable challenge as far as standup ability goes. Whether or not this proposed matchup ever comes into fruition remains uncertain but nevertheless all combat sports fans can only hope we get see these two elite fighters collide someday soon.

No doubt this matchup would be an interesting one for MMA fans, who are always looking for match-ups between the top fighters in each division. The thought of Colby Covington taking on the current lightweight champion is certainly a tantalizing one and it speaks volumes about how far he’s come since his days as a collegiate wrestler at Oregon State University. He’s currently on a five fight win streak and looks to continue his impressive run by challenging Kamaru Usman for the welterweight championship sometime soon.

At 32 years old, Covington is still relatively young for MMA –– he’s been around longer than many of today’s stars but has yet to experience even half the success they have. With that said, should Makhachev ever jump up to 170 lbs., there may be no better fight out there than one against “Chaos.” Covington believes he’ll dust him inside three rounds, while we can only hope that they make it happen so we can find out.

Colby Covington has proved himself time and time again as one of UFC’s best fighters today. His skillset combined with his relentless work ethic will undoubtedly make him tough to beat regardless of whom he stands across from in the octagon. Whether or not we ever get to witness Colby “Chaos” Covigington vs Islam Makhachev remains uncertain but if their paths do indeed cross someday then all combat sports fans should expect nothing less than an absolute barnburner between two elite athletes!


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