How to Win

Pool & Head-to-Head Wagers

The objective of the game is to earn more points than your opponent(s). Points are earned, based on the outcome of the athletes bout that you’ve chosen. Factors include fight odds, method of victory, round finish, and weight class.

Parlay Wagers

Parlay requires a minimum of six athletes of your choice. Should you predict all six or more picks correct, you will be rewarded the amount shown in your wager payout.


If your chosen Athlete wins their bout, you earn the athletes “Points in Victory (PIV),” (aka Win Points), as shown on their stats. PIV is based on betting odds, at a $100 wager.

Athlete A (PIV: 70)+ 70 Points


The quicker your athlete gets the win, the more points you rack up.

Round One+100 Points
Round Two+75 Points
Round Three+50 Points
Round Four+40 Points
Round Five+20 Points


The fashion in which your athlete earns the win will also be a major factor on the outcome.

KO/TKO+100 Points
Doctor Stoppage+100 Points
Submissions+75 Points
Decision+50 Points
Draw+25 Points
Disqualification+20 Points


Because of the fact that finish rates range widely between weight classes, we’ve provided a points system to help close the gap.

Women’s Strawweight+67 Points
Women’s Flyweight+64 Points
Women’s Bantamweight+52 Points
Women’s Featherweight+60 Points
Flyweight+57 Points
Bantamweight+49 Points
Featherweight+54 Points
Lightweight+49 Points
Welterweight+46 Points
Middleweight+38 Points
Light Heavyweight+35 Points
Heavyweight+23 Points

Cite: Stats on outcomes by weight class.


If your Athlete come up short, there is still a chance to gain some points. They will receive points, as long as they make it out of the first round.

Round One+0 Points
Round Two+10 Points
Round Three+25 Points
Round Four+50 Points
Round Five+75 Points

Note: If there is a change in the line-up that affects your wager, your entry will be voided and your funds will return to your account. You may avoid this by updating your line-up, prior to the event start time.