We use a points system, based on the outcome of the athletes you’ve chosen. Check
out our points system here.


We also now offer a “Hole-in-one” wager type. For this type, you are trying to guess six winners to win a big payout.

Currently we offer three ways to play: ‘Head to Head’, ‘Pool’, and ‘Hole-in-one’.


Head to Head is a competition against one other player, offering a 50/50 chance of victory.

A Pool wager is between a group of players,
where the winner(s) take all. Each Pool has different payouts, so you will need to review the wager details on payouts per Pool.

A Hole-in-one bout is a low cost entry with a large payout. To win you will need to choose six winners in one event. NOTE: Users may not enter more than 4 times on one Hole-in-one event. Violation will be penalized in no payout. Second violation will result in a ban of your account.

As long as the event has not started, you can do so under My Account > Orders
> Change Line-Up
You can use the Withdraw
form, found under My Account.
You have the option to transfer the funds to your Paypal, or to receive a check by mail. Requests will be processed within 2 – 3 business days. Payments over $50 will be spread over monthly payments. Note: If you request the PayPal method, any fees from PayPal will be subtracted from your payout (estimated 2.9% fee).
30 minutes after the event has completed, you should receive an email with the details. You can also see the results under your Account page.
If there is a change in an event that affects your chosen line-up, we will notify
you to update your list. If it is a parlay wager that loses either athlete opponent, your balance will be returned. If your changes have not been made, prior to the start of the event, your
wager amount will be returned to your account. If the entire event is cancelled, you will see any
wager made on the event returned.