Double your First Deposit

Get up to $200 on your first deposit when you deposit $100 or less.

* Doubled points are not eligible for withdraw until wagered.

Use Code: Double First

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Play for Free, Win real Cash!

Play any event for free and when you win 3 free wagers in a row, you will get the 3rd payout. The payout is equivalence to a $25 wager paid wager. If you’re 3rd free play hits, and the payout is $125 for a $25 wager, you will receive $125 in your account. *Each win must be on a different event to qualify for the cash payout.


Win one year of ESPN+

Tag us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with your six locks for UFC events for a chance at winning a year of ESPN+. Get all six correct and we will send you your free ESPN+ subscription. Only one winner per combination will be awarded. Winning will be sent within five business days from the event.


Spread the word and multiply your chances to win.

Share your picks up to five times on social media platforms while tagging us to increase your chances of winning. For example: If you share on three platforms, you will receive three entries to win a pair of UFC tickets.

Trusted Social platforms:,,,, and any MMA forum.

OPTIONAL: To notify us of your social share, simply send us a link where we can review the post. If it is in a private platform that is not public, we will consider screenshots as well. Send all proof of shares to with your Waged War Username and or email. $5 per post

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at or on our contact page.

*All shared posts will be reviewed prior to credits. Social media accounts require a minimum of 50 followers. Spamming posts will be rejected. Limited two shares per social platform unless approved otherwise.