It appears that former two-division champion, Conor McGregor, has had enough of the waiting games. The UFC fighter voiced his mounting frustration during an interview with TalkSPORT, following a ringside appearance at the Day of Reckoning boxing pay per view in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia this past Saturday. Sparking conversation around his potential UFC return, McGregor expressed his disbelief at the organization’s lackluster communication. He said, “My patience is wearing thin on me waiting.”

The notorious competitor has been itching for a return since coaching against Michael Chandler on The Ultimate Fighter 31 in early 2023. While an April 2024 comeback had been hinted at, McGregor’s return has been indefinitely delayed, moving the prospective bout to the summer of 2024. He returned to the UFC’s drug testing pool with the USADA on October 8, meaning he will be eligible to compete again on April 8, 2024, per USADA rules.

The fiery Irishman began his rant to TalkSPORT, “The Mac has loads to offer and loads to deliver. I was supposed to be back in April 2024. It was supposed to be December. They’ve never treated anyone like this.”

This marks a significant period of inactivity for McGregor. Despite having been a dominant figure of MMA and UFC with record-breaking pay-per-view numbers, his frustration grows with the sport’s authorities. He expressed his frustrations about this apparent mistreatment, “No one’s ever been treated like this. For all the figures I’ve brought in this game. I sell more than all of them combined, yeah. No one in the history of the fight game’s ever been treated the way I’m getting treated at this minute.”

The fighter’s last appearance in the octagon was in July 2021, which resulted in a defeat against Dustin Poirier. Despite his loss, McGregor holds an impressive record with his crowning moment being his victory over Eddie Alvarez in 2016, which enabled him to hold two UFC titles simultaneously.

During his interview, McGregor also hinted at a potential foray into boxing. The loud-mouthed Irishman called out Manny Pacquiao for a fight. He said to Saudi Arabia’s minister of entertainment, “Tell Manny to grow a set of balls and fight me at a higher weight class. It’s his sport. If he wants me to come down to a smaller weight, I should be able to use more of my weapons. I should be able to kick. I should be able to grapple. Shouldn’t that be fair?”

McGregor’s words suggest his willingness to cross over sports, agruing that a bout with him offers more than a traditional boxing match due to his wide range of weapons as an MMA fighter. This would indeed add an extra edge to the fight, although it’s uncertain whether Pacquiao will heed McGregor’s call.

McGregor is an undeniable superstar in combat sports, carrying an aura of blockbuster entertainment whenever he fights. However, his eagerness to return to the big stage seems to have been met with obstacles. McGregor, still clearly brimming with confidence and hungry for competition, is eager to get back into the fray. The delay of his UFC return and seemingly stalled communication from the organization only fuels his desire for a spectacle.

Whilst the waiting continues for McGregor, his potential return would undoubtedly mark a significant event in UFC history. His popularity and high-stake fights draw large audiences, and the hype around his potential comeback will only increase. As for now, McGregor is left to wait, with his frustration evident. He ended his interview in a remark that nicely summed up his current situation: “I’m waiting and I’m waiting. My patience is wearing thin.”


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