Deontay Wilder’s MMA Career may be closer than we think. In the ever-evolving world of mixed martial arts, the idea of crossover fights between boxers and MMA fighters continues to appeal to fans globally. The recent revelation that heavyweight boxing contender Deontay Wilder is open to a crossover clash with UFC’s heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou has stirred the pot yet again, but there’s a catch.

Wilder, who is no stranger to unforgettable clashes in his boxing career, has shown interest in stepping into a different realm of fighting. Still, the former WBC heavyweight champion wants to gather more intel on the proposition made by the PFL’s co-founder Donn Davis.

While the idea of a ‘mixed rules’ bout seemingly intrigues Wilder, he remains cautious, stating in his interview with Lucky Block, “I’d have to hear more about these mixed rules,” he said, shedding light on his uncertainty about the specifics of a crossover fight. “What do they mean by mixed rules? What can and can’t we do?”

Dissecting his statement, Wilder is equally excited and apprehensive about the idea of a “mixed rules” bout. The concept of this special category of fight brings its unique challenges, not least the need for a new set of rules that cater to both boxing and mixed martial arts.

Striking a balance between the disciplines would be crucial, as Wilder puts it, “But it could be something that’s new and I’m all about change.” Suggesting his openness to an innovative take on these two pinnacle combat sports.

Nevertheless, Deontay Wilder isn’t the only one who should be prepping for potential changes. Francis Ngannou, fresh off his gritty performance against Tyson Fury in a boxing match, might also need to adapt to the proposed idea. As it stands, Ngannou’s upcoming engagement remains unconfirmed.

However, assuming the bout does come to fruition, the uncertainty still persists for both fighters until they receive definitive answers regarding the ruleset. “We’ve got rules in boxing, we’ve got rules in mixed martial arts, but when you are mixing both together now, you have to come up with your own rules and it can get kind of frustrating or confusing“, Wilder added.

This crossover fight, although filled with uncertainties, definitely holds the potential to attract a huge audience, given the caliber of both athletes involved. It further builds on the trend of unprecedented cross-discipline bouts, albeit with a twist, making it a truly unique spectacle of the fight world.

Wilder, who has a bout scheduled against Joseph Parker on December 23 in Saudi Arabia, is certainly maintaining an open mind concerning this enticing opportunity. However, one thing’s certain – before any further advancements, both Wilder and Ngannou need a clearer picture of what they’re stepping into.


As much as this sounds exciting, these crossover fights tend to be a gimmick. The sports are so fundamentally different that mixing rules just dilutes both sports

I think Wilder wanting to gather more intel is a smart move. Personally, I think he should stick to the boxing ring. MMA is a completely different ball game

If the terms and conditions are right, and Wilder trains properly for a MMA matchup, he could give Ngannou a run for his money. Wilder has a hard punch. Anything could happen. Besides, MMA fans love a good spectacle

I would love to see this happen, but it’s a success only if done right. If they get in the ring with some vague, half-baked rules, it will ruin the essence of both sports.

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