Jorge Masvidal’s father has been taken into police custody after allegedly shooting someone at the retired UFC fighter’s home. The news was first reported by Andy Slater who shared the following information:

“BREAKING: Jorge Masvidal’s father has been arrested for an alleged shooting at his son’s house in Miami. Police sources say he and another man got into an argument which led to shots being fired.”

The incident occurred earlier this week, though no details regarding any injuries have yet been released. According to authorities, there were several people present in the residence when the altercation took place, but all were unharmed. It is currently unknown if anyone else was involved in the alleged shooting or if charges will be filed against them as well.

Masvidal himself has not commented on the situation yet, but his family has issued a statement regarding their father’s arrest: “Our family is deeply saddened by this incident and we are praying for everyone involved. We ask that you respect our privacy during this difficult time.”

 This is not Masvidal’s first brush with controversy in recent weeks; last month he was criticized for making insensitive comments about transgender MMA fighters while discussing a potential matchup between him and Fallon Fox. He later apologized for those remarks via Twitter saying “I never meant to disrespect anyone & I apologize if my words hurt anyone” However many felt that it was too little too late as they had already caused significant damage to his reputation among both fans and fellow competitors alike.
    Despite these recent setbacks, it appears that Masvidal still enjoys strong support from within MMA circles; recently retired fighter Nick Diaz commented on Facebook shortly after news of his arrest broke saying “I stand by my brother Jorge & wish him strength during these times! Sending love your way brotha! #FreeJorgeMasvidal”. Other current and former fighters such as Rafael dos Anjos also expressed their solidarity with Diaz via social media posts using similar hashtags such as #TeamJorgeMavdal .
    As of now there is still very little known about what exactly happened that night leading up to the arrest or even how far along police investigations progress so far Nonetheless one thing remains certain-the situation involving Jorge Masvidal continues to develop rapidly and only time will tell how it all plays out in relation to both criminal justice system & public opinion alike .


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