Stance: Orthodox
Division: Bantamweight
Height: 5' 11"
Reach: 72"
Leg reach: 40.00
Weight: 135 lbs.
Nationality: Helena, United States
Age: 26


Wins by KO: 9
Wins by submission: 1
Avg. Sig. Strikes Per Event: 24.40



Significant Strikes Attempted: 471
Significant Strikes Landed: 272


Takedowns Attempted: 6
Takedowns Landed: 3


Sean “Suga” O’Malley is a renowned American professional mixed martial artist who competes in the Bantamweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Known for his striking accuracy, charisma, and dynamic fighting style, O’Malley has carved out a reputation as one of the most exciting prospects in MMA.

O’Malley was born on October 24, 1994, in Helena, Montana. From his early childhood, he showed interest in sports as varied as basketball, skateboarding, and boxing. When he was 16-years-old he began training in mixed martial arts, driven by a fascination with the complexity and competitiveness of the sport.

In 2013, his professional MMA career began with his first fight which was held in North Dakota under regional promotion. O’Malley strung together a few wins, fighting for different promotions in his early career. However, it wasn’t until he was given an opportunity to compete in Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series in 2017 that he would gain more considerable recognition.

This platform, designed to source new talent for the UFC, saw O’Malley face Alfred Khashakyan in a fight that would become a turning point for his career. O’Malley defeated Khashakyan with a stunning one-punch knockout, drawing the attention of UFC President Dana White and fans worldwide. His performance earned him a coveted UFC contract.

In his UFC debut, O’Malley was matched against Terrion Ware on December 1, 2017, at The Ultimate Fighter 26 Finale. He won the bout in a unanimous decision. His second fight in the UFC was against Andre Soukhamthath in March 2018, which he won despite suffering a foot injury during the fight. He displayed a unique ability to endure pain and still outmatch his opponents.

O’Malley suffered a setback when he was suspended from fighting due to the detection of ostarine in low levels in his system. This substance was prohibited by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). After two testing incidents, he was suspended until 2020.

Upon his return to the Octagon in 2020, O’Malley demonstrated he was unaffected by his time away from competition. He scored a knockout victory over Jose Quinonez in his return fight on March 7, 2020, following it up with a spectacular first-round knockout win over former WEC Champion Eddie Wineland at UFC 250 in June 2020.

O’Malley’s fast rise through the ranks was briefly stalled in August 2020 when he faced Marlon “Chito” Vera at UFC 252. Falling to a first-round TKO due to a leg injury during the fight, O’Malley experienced his first professional loss. However, showing resilience, he bounced back with a third-round knockout win against Thomas Almeida at UFC 260 in March 2021.

O’Malley’s fighting style has attracted widespread acclaim. He is known for his creative striking style, using a diverse array of kicks, punches, and elbow strikes. He typically keeps a high pace in his fights, using his length and innovative offense to keep opponents off balance.

Apart from his unique fighting abilities, O’Malley’s charismatic presence inside and outside the ring and his colorful hair that changes with every fight, have contributed towards his growing popularity. He also hosts a podcast called “The Timbo and Sugarshow” alongside fellow fighter Tim Welch, where they discuss training, life, and MMA fights.

A marijuana advocate, O’Malley co-owns a marijuana-themed clothing brand (‘Sugar Sean’) and has never shied away from expressing his stance on the use of cannabis for pain relief in athletes.

Despite the few hurdles he faced along his journey, Sean O’Malley remains one of the most promising fighters in the UFC. With his exciting fighting style, magnetic personality, and marketing charm, he continues to cement himself as a crowd favorite and one of the stars to look out for in the MMA space. His professional record as of 2021 stands tall with 13 wins and a single loss. Despite his relatively early stage in his career, O’Malley’s fierce determination, unfazed confidence, and impressive skills inside the octagon make him a formidable competitor – a fighter whose story is far from being fully written.

Fight History

Marlon Vera
Sean O'Malley: Winner
by Unanimous Decision in Round 5
Sat. Mar 09, 2024
UFC 299: O
Aljamain Sterling
Sean O'Malley: Winner
by KO/TKO in Round 2 @ 0:51
Sat. Aug 19, 2023
UFC 292: Sterling vs. O
Petr Yan
Sean O'Malley: Winner
by Split Decision in Round 3
Sat. Oct 22, 2022
UFC 280: Oliveira vs. Makhachev
Pedro Munhoz
Sean O'Malley: No Contest
by No Contest in Round 2 @ 3:09
Sat. Jul 02, 2022
UFC 276: Adesanya vs. Cannonier
Raulian Paiva
Sean O'Malley: Winner
by KO/TKO in Round 1 @ 4:42
Sat. Dec 11, 2021
UFC 269: Oliveira vs. Poirier
Marlon Vera
Sean O'Malley: Defeated
by in Round @ 4:40
Sat. Aug 15, 2020
UFC 252: Miocic vs. Cormier 3
Eddie Wineland
Sean O'Malley: Winner
by KO/TKO in Round 1
Sat. Jun 06, 2020
UFC 250: Nunes vs. Spencer
Jose Quinonez
Sean O'Malley: Winner
by in Round @ 2:02
Sat. Mar 07, 2020
UFC 248: Adesanya vs. Romero


Who Is Sean O'Malley? Sean O'Malley is an American professional mixed martial artist who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship's Bantamweight division and is the current UFC Bantamweight Champion, ranking #7 in the UFC men's pound-for-pound rankings as of January 16, 2024. What Is Sean O'Malley's Record In MMA? As of my last update, Sean O'Malley holds a professional MMA record of 14 wins and 1 loss. Who Is Sean O'Malley's Next Opponent In His Upcoming Fight? Sean O'Malley's next opponent in his upcoming fight will be Marlon Vera in a rematch at UFC 299 in March 2024. Who Was Sean O'Malley's Last Opponent In His Most Recent Fight? As per Sean O'Malley's fight history, his last opponent was Raulian Paiva in his most recent fight. Who Is Sean O'Malley's Wife? Sean O'Malley's wife is Danya. Did Sean O'Malley Ever Lose A Match? Yes, Sean O'Malley lost a match to Vera in 2020, which remains the only loss in his career as of 2023. Who Did Sean O'Malley Fight Against? Sean O'Malley has fought against multiple opponents in UFC, including fighters like Thomas Almeida, Marlon Vera, and Eddie Wineland. "Who Won The Fight Between Sean O'Malley And Chito?" The fight between Sean O'Malley and Chito was won by Chito Vera. What Is Sean O'Malley's Height? Sean O'Malley stands at a height of 5′ 11″. Who Won The Fight Between Sean O'Malley And Chito Vera? Chito Vera. However they are scheduled to fight again in March.

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