Sean O’Malley, the UFC Bantamweight champion, is in Las Vegas for a meeting with Dana White and Sean Shelby from the UFC. On his podcast recently, he expressed interest in headlining UFC 296 alongside Conor McGregor and made some interesting comments about pay-per-view numbers.

O’Malley stated that “I think it would be massive me and Conor on a pay per view” but also said that “I could do my own pay per view and Conor could do his own PPV and mine wouldn’t be as big yet But I could do one of the biggest PPVs in the UFC right now.” Former two division champion Henry Cejudo had claimed that O’Malley’s title-winning fight against Aljamain Sterling drew between 300000 to 350000 buys on Pay Per View according to his sources within ESPN (UFC’s broadcast partner). However, O’Malley denied those numbers claiming they were false and wrote on Twitter saying “heard upwards of 570k legit”.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission released official report later which showed that the Pay Per View drew around 435000 buys contradicting both sides claims but still indicating impressive number nonetheless from O’Malleys first headliner. The NSAC has not disclosed any further details regarding revenue generated by this event but MMA journalist speculates it was somewhere close to $20 million mark.

On Thursday interview on his podcast, O’Malley revealed plans to meet with Dana White & Hunter Campbell (chief business officer) during his visit in Las Vegas which may include speculation of what lies ahead for him once he returns back into training after suffering rib injury prior to winning title fight against Aljamain Sterling & turf foot diagnosis later due an accident kick towards sparring partner elbow during practice session earlier. During same time frame, Conor McGregor posted fake screenshot claiming himself vs Michael Chandler at UFC 296 while Dana didn’t outright dismiss idea leaving every open ended with caption “we’ll see what happens”.

However current plan doesn’t seem like these two are going to face off each other anytime soon since there is no confirmation yet from either side regarding final card or even indication if proposed match will take place at all making fans wonder if this dream fight might never come true? Though MMA community can only wait till any news arrive officially before drawing any type conclusions plus additional revenue associated with such blockbuster matchup won’t hurt either fighters bank account for sure making them more than happy looking forward into future regardless outcome..


It looks like the Nevada commission cleared up the confusion about those pay per view numbers reported by ESPN and Henry Cejudo. It would be nice to have some more information from them on how much money was actually made off of this event though.

Conor may have been hinting at something with his post but until we get confirmation from Dana White who knows what’s going to happen next? They may even decide against doing a fight altogether.

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