Even after being out of the MMA game for three years, Henry Cejudo showed that he still had what it takes to compete at the highest levels of bantamweight. His performance against Aljamain Sterling at UFC 288 was so impressive that it has moved him up in our rankings, coming within one scorecard of stealing the title away from Sterling and leaving fans wondering about his future in MMA.

Where does Cejudo fall in today’s 135-pound pecking order? That question was debated by our eight-person rankings panel, with votes ranging from No. 3 all the way to unranked following his narrow split decision loss at UFC 288. Ultimately, “Triple C” landed at No. 6 on our list – behind Sterling, Merab Dvalishvili, Sean O’Malley, Cory Sandhagen, and Petr Yan but ahead of Bellator’s own rock-star bantamweight Patchy Mix – leaving us to ask: Is this where Cejudo should be ranked?

The fight between Henry Cejudo and Aljamain Sterling may have been close enough to go either way depending on which judge you asked; however there is no doubt that both men put forth a tremendous effort in their attempt for victory. This is especially true for Cejudo who returned after an extended absence only to match himself up against one of the best fighters currently competing in mixed martial arts (MMA). While he ultimately came up short on the scorecards due to some technical mistakes throughout the fight; supporters could not deny his resilience as he continued pushing forward despite being put into difficult positions during several exchanges over five full rounds – a testament to just how much work he must have done outside of competition leading up to Saturday night’s event.

Ultimately though we can only look forward and determine what comes next as far as Henry Cejudo’s career plans are concerned; while we wait for an answer let us take time to reflect on how truly amazing this man truly is -from Olympic gold medalist wrestler turned two division champion mixed martial artist now contending with possibly becoming a three division champion if things were different Saturday night—Henry “Triple C”Ceudjo remains an incredible athlete capable taking any challenge head-on regardless of current circumstances or previous setbacks .

So where does “Triple C” stand amongst other athletes vying for glory within MMA’s bantamweight class? Our rankings panel has him settling comfortably into sixth place — certainly not too shabby considering everything else factored into consideration — but time will tell if this placement holds once more fights unfold and challengers move around inside 135 pounds weight class . Until then lets take a moment appreciate yet another exciting chapter written by Henry “Triple C”Ceudjo story book filled with wins & losses alike


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