Henry Cejudo is back. After a three year retirement, the 2008 Olympic gold medalist has returned to the UFC with an ambitious plan for himself and it doesn’t involve just reclaiming the bantamweight title. Instead, he’s got his eyes set on becoming the first-ever three division champion in UFC history by eventually taking on featherweight king Alexander Volkanovski.

Starting with Saturday night’s fight against Aljamain Sterling at UFC 288, which Cejudo sees as “just a tune up fight,” he then plans to move onto Sean O’Malley who he considers a “privileged brat.” While O’Malley already holds the number one contender spot at bantamweight, that won’t stop Cejudo from wanting him right away after fighting Aljamain Sterling this weekend – but only if all goes well in that match-up first of course.

At 36 years young (or old depending on how you look at it), Cejudo knows there’s limited time left in his career to accomplish everything he wants before having to say goodbye forever – which is why returning was “easy money” for him. He’s seen what guys like Jon Jones and Georges St Pierre have been able to do coming out of long hiatuses and believes even though his opponents may not be quite as tough as theirs were when they made their comebacks that it’ll still be quite a challenge for him given how skilled Aljamain Sterling is according to Cejudo. At least two tune up fights are necessary before stepping into the ring with Volkanovski according to Henry but with this new plan comes lots of confidence about what will happen once those battles take place: “I know I respect [Volkanovski]’s tools…but you will definitely respect me and put me on GOAT mountain.” Time will tell if that prediction becomes reality or not but until then we can expect plenty more trash talking from both sides leading up their potential match down under followed by some good ol’ fashioned fighting once they’re finally inside of the octagon together – whether or not any records get broken along the way remains yet unseen.


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