Jalen Johnson's Stats and Biography

Team: Atlanta Hawks

Position: F

Height: 6'8" (2.03m)

Weight: 219lb (99kg)

Country: USA

Attended: Duke

Age: 22 years

Dob: December 18, 2001

Draft: 2021 R1 Pick 20

Points Per Game

Rebounds Per Game

Assists Per Game

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What Is The Nature Of Jalen Johnson's Injury?
Jalen Johnson suffered a wrist injury during a game on November 25, which led to a month-long absence from the court.

What Is The Update On Jalen Johnson's Injury?
Jalen Johnson, who had been sidelined due to a fractured wrist since Nov. 25, has been officially cleared to play for the Hawks in their Tuesday game against Chicago.

Does Jalen Johnson Play For The Hawks?
Yes, Jalen Johnson plays for the Atlanta Hawks.

How Did Jalen Johnson Perform Against The Kings?
In his career, Jalen Johnson has averaged 7.3 points, 5.0 rebounds, and 1.5 assists in 4 games against the Kings.

Does Jalen Johnson Play For The Bears?
No, Jalen Johnson does not play for the Bears, he plays for the Atlanta Hawks.

Who Is Jalen Johnson In The NFL?
Jalen Johnson in the NFL is an American football cornerback for the Chicago Bears who played college football at Utah.

What Is Jalen Johnson's Ranking On ESPN?
As an NBA journalist, I can't provide the current ranking of Jalen Johnson on ESPN as this specific information is not given in the context provided.

Jalen Johnson, born in New York City, is an American professional basketball player for the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks. After a successful high school career at Archbishop Stepinac High School and Deerfield Academy, Johnson committed to play college basketball for Duke University. As a freshman, Johnson was selected to the 2021 ACC All-Freshman team and helped lead the Blue Devils to the NCAA tournament.

At 6’9” 210 lbs., Johnson has emerged as one of the most promising young players entering this year’s NBA Draft. He possesses a combination of size, athleticism and skill that makes him an attractive prospect. His ability to play both forward positions as well as guard gives him positional versatility on both ends of the floor which is highly coveted by teams in today’s modern game. Offensively he can create his own shot with ease while also having exceptional ball handling abilities for someone his size; allowing him to attack closeouts and post defenders with equal effectiveness leading to buckets or open looks for teammates. On defense he uses his length coupled with impressive lateral quickness and good instincts when defending on ball or off ball action making it difficult for opposing teams to score against him easily.

Johnson declared for the 2021 NBA draft following Duke’s elimination from March Madness but did not hire an agent meaning he had until May 31st before deciding whether or not he would remain in consideration or return back to school provided eligibility remained intact due Covid regulations within NCAA ruleset . Ultimately Johnson decided that it was best for himself and his family if he opted out of returning back to Duke opting instead into entering this year’s draft class where eventually was selected 15th overall by Milwaukee Bucks who are coming off a 2nd round playoff loss against Brooklyn Nets last season with hopes they’ll be able build upon their current success adding Jalen into their roster mix helping them achieve more in upcoming seasons.

As we get closer towards start of training camp there will no doubt be further expectations placed onto Jalen being so highly drafted however already proving himself through college competition level you can expect big things from him during rookie campaign taking step up learning pro game adapting quickly showing why Milwaukee took chance selecting early 1st round hoping become key contributor alongside Giannis Antetokounmpo Khris Middleton Brook Lopez all while working improve weaknesses bettering craft becoming more reliable asset future star potential long term

Latest Stats

Miami Heat vs. Atlanta Hawks on Apr 09, 2024 Stats (home)
Points: 13
Two pointers made: 5
Three pointers made: 1
Steals: 1
Free throws made: 0
Turnovers: 1
Assists: 3

Atlanta Hawks vs. Denver Nuggets on Apr 06, 2024 Stats (away)
Points: 17
Two pointers made: 7
Three pointers made: 1
Steals: 1
Free throws made: 0
Turnovers: 6
Assists: 4

Atlanta Hawks vs. Dallas Mavericks on Apr 04, 2024 Stats (away)
Points: 6
Two pointers made: 3
Three pointers made: 0
Steals: 1
Free throws made: 0
Turnovers: 2
Assists: 4

Detroit Pistons vs. Atlanta Hawks on Apr 03, 2024 Stats (home)
Points: 28
Two pointers made: 8
Three pointers made: 2
Steals: 4
Free throws made: 6
Turnovers: 3
Assists: 11

Atlanta Hawks vs. Los Angeles Clippers on Mar 17, 2024 Stats (away)
Points: 18
Three pointers made: 3
Steals: 3
Assists: 6

Atlanta Hawks vs. Utah Jazz on Mar 15, 2024 Stats (away)
Points: 26
Two pointers made: 4
Three pointers made: 4
Steals: 0
Assists: 5

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Atlanta Hawks on Mar 06, 2024 Stats (home)
Points: 7
Two pointers made: 2
Three pointers made: 1
Assists: 4

Atlanta Hawks vs. New York Knicks on Mar 05, 2024 Stats (away)
Points: 26
Two pointers made: 10
Three pointers made: 2
Steals: 1
Assists: 7

Atlanta Hawks vs. Brooklyn Nets on Mar 02, 2024 Stats (away)
Points: 7
Two pointers made: 3
Assists: 1

Orlando Magic vs. Atlanta Hawks on Feb 25, 2024 Stats (home)
Points: 21
Two pointers made: 7
Three pointers made: 2
Steals: 1
Assists: 7