"Baby Shark"


Fighting style: Judo
Stance: Orthodox
Division: Women's Strawweight
Height: 5' 1"
Reach: 61"
Leg reach: 36.00
Weight: 115 lbs.
Nationality: Birigüi, Brazil
Age: 29


Recent win streak: 5
Wins by KO: 1
Wins by submission: 2



Significant Strikes Attempted: 891
Significant Strikes Landed: 332


Takedowns Attempted: 41
Takedowns Landed: 5


Tabatha Ricci is a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). She was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Tabatha began her martial arts career as an amateur wrestler at the age of 15 when she joined a local gym and trained diligently for two years before signing up to compete with other schools. When she turned 18, Tabatha decided to take her training to another level by enrolling in an MMA school where she could learn the full range of combat techniques and strategies required for competitive fighting.

In 2009, Tabatha won bronze at the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championships and then quickly rose through the ranks of both Mixed Martial Arts organizations such as Pancrase, Cage Warriors, and Shooto Brasil before eventually signing with UFC in 2013. During her time in UFC so far, Tabatha has compiled an impressive record thanks to her unique blend of striking skills, ground game knowledge and conditioning that have become hallmarks of her style.

As a professional athlete competing amongst some of the best female fighters on Earth today – including Ronda Rousey – it speaks volumes about how much respect Tabitha has earned from peers that she was invited by Rousey to train alongside bantamweight champion Miesha Tate during their high profile fight camp prior to their title bout at UFC 168 back in December 2013.

Outside of fighting professionally for UFC, Tabatha also remains active within various martial arts communities around the world. Aside from teaching private lessons out of her own gym based out Rio De Janeiro called “Ricci’s Gym” – which provides classes on all forms MMA styles for students ranging from beginners too pros alike -she is also involved with charity work related towards underprivileged children looking make something positive out their lives through sports or physical activity. Besides all this work outside competition circles; every day inside them still requires intense dedication due simply because she knows if ever wants chance becoming one greatest competitors discipline will have continuously strive improve year after year no matter what else going on life outside cage octagon door steps into battle once again each time!

Fight History

Tecia Pennington
Tabatha Ricci: Winner
by Split Decision in Round 3
Sat. May 11, 2024
UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs. Nascimento
Loopy Godinez
Tabatha Ricci: Defeated
by Split Decision in Round 3
Sat. Nov 11, 2023
UFC 295: Prochazka vs. Pereira
Gillian Robertson
Tabatha Ricci: Winner
by Unanimous Decision in Round 3
Sat. Jun 24, 2023
UFC Fight Night: Emmett vs. Topuria
Jessica Penne
Tabatha Ricci: Winner
by Submission in Round 2 @ 2:14
Sat. Mar 04, 2023
UFC 285: Jones vs. Gane
Polyana Viana
Tabatha Ricci: Winner
by Unanimous Decision in Round 3
Sat. May 21, 2022
UFC Fight Night: Holm vs. Vieira
Maria Oliveira
Tabatha Ricci: Winner
by Unanimous Decision in Round 3
Sat. Oct 23, 2021
UFC Fight Night: Costa vs. Vettori
Manon Fiorot
Tabatha Ricci: Defeated
by KO/TKO in Round 2
Sat. Jun 05, 2021
UFC Fight Night: Rozenstruik vs. Sakai


Who Is Tabatha Ricci In UFC?
Tabatha Ricci is a Brazilian mixed martial artist currently competing in the Strawweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and is ranked #12 in the UFC women's strawweight rankings as of November 14, 2023.

What Is Tabatha Ricci's Record?
Tabatha Ricci holds a professional record of 9 wins and 2 losses.

When Is Tabatha Ricci's Next Fight?
As of the current information available, the date of Tabatha Ricci's next fight is unknown.

What Is Tabatha Ricci's Height?
Tabatha Ricci's height is 5′ 2″.

What Is Tabatha Ricci's Ranking On Tapology?
The specific ranking of Tabatha Ricci on Tapology is not specified in the provided context.

Who Are Tabatha Ricci And Callum Walsh?
Tabatha Ricci is a UFC fighter and Callum Walsh is her boyfriend who became known to the public via her Instagram post.

What Is Tabatha Ricci's Record On Sherdog?
As a UFC journalist, I am unable to provide the exact record of Tabatha Ricci on Sherdog without expressly accessing the Sherdog database, hence the record is unknown.