Jalen Hurts

Team: Philadelphia Eagles
Position: QB
Height: 6-1
Weight: 223
Arms: 31 3/4
Hands: 9 3/4
Experience: 4
College: Oklahoma
Age: 25
Hometown: Houston, TX

Jalen Hurts is an American football quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football at Alabama and Oklahoma, and was drafted by the Eagles in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft. His dual-threat ability has made him one of the most exciting players in college and professional football.

Hurts was born on August 7, 1998 in Houston, Texas to Averion and Stephanie Hurts. He began playing organized football at seven years old when he joined a youth league team coached by his father. In high school, Hurts attended Channelview High School where he starred as quarterback while leading his team to two district championships. During his senior year he threw for 3,347 yards with 38 touchdowns while also rushing for 1,391 yards with 21 touchdowns; both numbers were school records that still stand today. At 6’2″ and 218 lbs., Hurts stood out among other quarterbacks during recruiting season thanks to his athletic ability as well as strong arm strength that allowed him make plays downfield even without ideal pocket passing size or traditional style mechanics.

In 2016, Jalen chose Alabama over offers from Auburn University and University of Florida after being courted heavily by head coach Nick Saban who saw something special about Jalen’s skill set early on in recruitment process . After redshirting during freshman year ,Hurts went on to lead Bama to four straight College Football Playoff berths including two national championship game appearances (2017 & 2018) while also becoming first true freshman QB starter since 1984 under Saban’s tutelage . During time at Alabama ,he became only fourth player ever record 60+ passing TDs & 20+ rushing TDs . He left Alabama following graduate transfer season with 8-year program record 33-3 career win/loss record including 26-2 mark as starting QB .

Following transfer from Bama ,hurts transferred Oklahoma where spent one semester under sooners head coach Lincoln Riley learning new style offense designed fit mobile passers such himself As apart Sooners 2019 championship squad ,he finished season ranked 4th nationally passer rating throwing 36 total TD against just 7 INTs along completing 69% passes which highest recorded single season rate history OU program . Furthermore won Big 12 offensive Player Year award ran away fashion due stellar play leading Sooners deep into postseason culminating loss LSU College Football Playoff semifinals (Semifinalist) along Heisman Trophy runner up honors

Upon declaring draft eligibility end april 2020 nfl draft houston native chosen 2nd round pick philadelphia eagles surrounded much fanfare expectations franchise looking get back top division crown they previously held 2017 super bowl victory furthered enthusiasm around selection hurst drew comparisons pro Bowler carson wentz same physical tools exceptional rare blend mobility accuracy combined running instincts make arguably most dangerous signal caller league


What Is Jalen Hurts' Injury?
Jalen Hurts suffered a dislocated finger in his throwing hand during Week 18's game against the Giants.

Who Is Jalen Hurts' Girlfriend?
Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts' girlfriend is Bry Burrows, an undergraduate from Alabama.

Who Is Jalen Hurts's Wife?
As of October 27, 2023, Jalen Hurts is not married.

What College Did Jalen Hurts Attend?
Jalen Hurts attended the University of Alabama and later the University of Oklahoma.

What Is Jalen Hurts' Contract?
Jalen Hurts has a record-setting five-year contract extension with the Philadelphia Eagles, worth $255 million, making his annual salary $51 million, the highest in NFL history.

Where Can I Buy A Jalen Hurts Jersey?
You can buy a Jalen Hurts jersey at official NFL merchandise stores, Philadelphia Eagles' official team store, or on various online platforms like Fanatics, Amazon, and eBay.

What Is Jalen Hurts' Playoff Record?
As of two days ago, Jalen Hurts' playoff record stands at 2 wins and 2 losses.

What Is Jalen Hurts' Height?
Jalen Hurts stands at a height of 6′ 1″.

Latest Stats

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Jan 15, 2024 Stats (away)
projected_passing_yards: 92.9
projected_rushing_yards: 14.4
projected_passing_attempts: 11.6
projected_rushing_attempts: 1.5
projected_passing_completions: 2.8

San Francisco 49ers vs. Philadelphia Eagles on Dec 03, 2023 Stats (home)
projected_passing_yards: 141.9
projected_passing_attempts: 18.3
projected_rushing_attempts: 3.5
projected_passing_completions: 12.5

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Philadelphia Eagles on Feb 12, 2023 Stats (home)
projected_passing_yards: 241.8
projected_passing_attempts: 29.8
projected_rushing_attempts: 11.3
projected_passing_completions: 19.7

San Francisco 49ers vs. Philadelphia Eagles on Jan 29, 2023 Stats (home)
projected_passing_yards: 251.2
projected_passing_attempts: 32.3
projected_rushing_attempts: 11.2
projected_passing_completions: 22.4

New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles on Jan 21, 2023 Stats (home)
projected_passing_yards: 256.7
projected_passing_attempts: 30.7
projected_rushing_attempts: 11
projected_passing_completions: 20.4

Washington Football Team vs. Philadelphia Eagles on Nov 14, 2022 Stats (home)
projected_passing_yards: 256.7
projected_passing_attempts: 30.8
projected_rushing_attempts: 10.4
projected_passing_completions: 20.4

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Houston Texans on Nov 03, 2022 Stats (away)
projected_passing_yards: 241.8
projected_passing_attempts: 31
projected_rushing_attempts: 10.3
projected_passing_completions: 19.6

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Philadelphia Eagles on Oct 30, 2022 Stats (home)
projected_passing_yards: 241.3
projected_passing_attempts: 31.1
projected_rushing_attempts: 10.3
projected_passing_completions: 19.6

Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles on Oct 16, 2022 Stats (home)
projected_passing_yards: 235.9
projected_passing_attempts: 31.7
projected_rushing_attempts: 10.6
projected_passing_completions: 19.6

Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles on Jan 08, 2022 Stats (home)
projected_passing_yards: 186