DeAndre Carter

Team: Las Vegas Raiders
Position: WR
Height: 5-8
Weight: 190
Experience: 6
College: Sacramento State
Age: 30

DeAndre Carter is an NFL athlete who has played for numerous teams throughout his career in the league. He was born on October 30th, 1991 in Sacramento, California and attended Christian Brothers High School before going on to Sierra College. While attending Sierra College he earned All-American honors as a wide receiver and kick returner after leading all of junior college football in total receiving yards with 1,788.

In 2014 Carter transferred to University of Sacramento where he continued to have success as both a receiver and kick returner. In the 2015 season he led the conference with 1,321 receiving yards while also having nine touchdown receptions which helped him earn first-team all-conference honors at the conclusion of that year.

Carter declared early for the 2016 NFL Draft but went undrafted due to some injury concerns. His first opportunity came when he signed with Oakland Raiders shortly thereafter as an undrafted free agent but was later waived during their final cut day prior to start of season. He then had short stints playing for Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles before signing with San Francisco 49ers late in 2017 where he would spend majority of his career so far including earning his first ever trip to Pro Bowl after impressive 2018 season (where finished tied 4th in NFL punt returns).

Since 2019 DeAndre has been on four other teams including Houston Texans, Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots and most recently Washington Football Team where currently holds roster spot as Return Specialist/Wide Receiver/Receiver Coach under Ron Rivera’s direction heading into 2021 offseason program (signed one year contract back December 2020). His close relationship with former teammate Richard Sherman undoubtedly helping him land Washington job given they were both 49ers teammates together from 2017-19 period before Sherman left team last March due free agency move elsewhere following Super Bowl LIV loss against Kansas City Chiefs February 2020 game [1].

During course professional football journey spanning 6+ seasons DeAndre also embraced role philanthropy contributing many charitable causes through foundation established honor grandmother – “Nana’s House Foundation” mission statement reads: “provide support children families facing life altering medical conditions or need assistance providing basic necessities such food clothing shelter etc …” [2]. This just further testament how selfless player Andre truly is away field showing world kind person can be even at highest levels sport like National Football League today!

Despite many changes over years one thing still remains true – DeAndre Carter continues strive excellence every level game whether it returning punts making plays wideout coaching up younger players or helping those less fortunate society nothing too big nor small cannot handle! Here hoping best him entering 2021 this immense talent we see time come shining light us all needs continue find purpose life no matter what circumstances may be!

[1] teachers  [2] http://nanashousefoundationincorg

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