Boston Scott

Team: Philadelphia Eagles
Position: RB

Boston Scott is an American NFL running back who currently plays for the Philadelphia Eagles. He was born on January 16, 1995 in Zachary, Louisiana and attended Zachary High School. After high school, he went on to play college football at Louisiana Tech University where he accumulated 3,214 total yards and 25 touchdowns over his four-year collegiate career. At the 2018 NFL draft combine, Scott displayed impressive speed finishing tied for sixth among all participants in the 40 yard dash with a time of 4.46 seconds.

In May of 2018, he was signed as an undrafted free agent by the New Orleans Saints but would later be cut from their roster before Week One of that season began. He then spent some time with the Kansas City Chiefs’ practice squad before ultimately returning to join the Saints’ active roster for one game late in December of 2018 as a kick returner against Pittsburgh Steelers (in which he ran for 54 yards).

In 2019 Scott made his way onto regular season action when The Eagles picked him up off waivers from New Orleans early during training camp that year. And since then it’s been nothing short of success for Boston Scott – not only has he established himself as one of coach Doug Pederson’s favorite players but also has become a key contributor within Philadelphia’s offense ever since joining them in 2019 (his presence accounted for nearly 600 total yards and 6 touchdown receptions over both regular/postseason combined). His most notable performance came during Wild Card Weekend versus Seattle Seahawks where Scott put together 147 total scrimmage yards and two touchdowns en route to helping The Birds advance further into playoffs (their first postseason win since 2017).

The 2020 offseason saw Boston sign another contract extension with Philly which just goes to show how much they value him both on/off field – whether it be through his athletic abilities or simply given leadership qualities that are hard to come by these days amongst professional athletes; no wonder why many folks around Eagle Nation consider him a true diamond in rough! With all said though one must still keep things perspective here- while this young man may have had plenty successes already accomplished so far during brief stints pro level…it’ll take lot more than what we’ve seen up until now order really cement place legacy eyes next generation sports fans out there & fortunately enough there seems still room growth potential going forward so fingers crossed that whatever fate holds us end result will be something proud talk about years come from today itself

Latest Stats

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