Ameer Abdullah

Team: Las Vegas Raiders
Position: RB
Height: 5-9
Weight: 203
Arms: 30
Hands: 8 3/4
Experience: 9
College: Nebraska
Age: 30

Ameer Abdullah is a professional American football player who currently plays running back for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League (NFL). He was born in Homewood, Alabama on June 13, 1993 and grew up in Birmingham. Growing up, Ameer was an avid fan of sports and often watched his favorite teams play. His love of sports only intensified when he began playing at an early age.

At Homewood High School, Ameer starred as a three-sport athlete playing football, basketball and baseball. He earned all-state honors in both football and track & field while also lettering in both basketball and baseball. As a senior, he rushed for over 1,700 yards with 23 touchdowns—while leading his team to the state semi-finals that season—and was named USA Today’s All-American Player of the Year for 2011.

In 2012 Ameer accepted an offer from Nebraska Cornhuskers where he played college football under Coach Bo Pelini. As a freshman starter he broke school records with 127 receptions for 1,232 yards plus seven touchdowns during his first year as Cornhusker’s starting running back. During his four years at Nebraska he had 4 consecutive seasons rushing over 1000 yards while scoring 36 total touchdowns which lead him to be ranked third all time career rusher with 559 attempts for 3249 yards (5th best) before entering into NFL draft after graduation in 2014 .

His success on the field led him to become one of top prospects entering into 2015 NFL draft where Detroit Lions selected Him 54th overall pick during 2nd round . In Detroit lions Ameer got chance to prove himself as well rounded Running Back by accumulating 1019 rushing yard , 597 receiving yard , 8 total touchdown during 27 game appearances . After spending two successful season with Lions ,In 2018 Abdullah signed one year contract deal with Minnesota Vikings .He enjoyed some notable performances including 123 touch down against Philadelphia Eagles and 154 scrimmage against Buffalo Bills during same season but due to poor numbers later released midseason by Viking’s head coach Mike Zimmer .

Following release from Viking’s Ameers career took unexpected turn when New England Patriots signed him 2019 season opener but again released soon afterwards without participating any single game thus ending Ammer’s stint short lived within Patriot’s franchise . Later on 2020 September Atlanta Falcons signed Abdullah On their practice squad roster giving once last chance revive career again although due league regulation which stated player must carry 53 man active roster so eventually ameer got waived off without making 53 man roster thereafter went unsigned until 2021 February when Jets picked up former husker onto their practice squad list giving another breathe fresh air rejuvenate faltering career path ahead

Despite initial setback throughout journey since entered into professional level Football leagues ,Ammer has shown grit , dedication passion towards sport which made tremendous progress become established name within NFL platform showing potential reach greater heights upon continuous determination hard work shall continue strive excellence better representation future

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