Christian Wood's Stats and Biography

Team: Los Angeles Lakers

Position: PF

Height: 6'8" (2.03m)

Weight: 214lb (97kg)

Country: USA

Attended: UNLV

Age: 28 years

Dob: September 27, 1995

Draft: Undrafted

Points Per Game

Rebounds Per Game

Assists Per Game

Player Impact Estimate


What Is The Status Of Christian Wood's Injury?
As an AI, I don't have real-time access to current news or updates, so I'm unable to provide the current status of Christian Wood's injury.

What Is The Value And Duration Of Christian Wood's Contract?
Christian Wood's contract with the Los Angeles Lakers is valued at $5,745,889 for a duration of two years.

What Is The Height Of Christian Wood?
Christian Wood stands at a height of 6′ 8″.

Is Christian Wood Joining The Lakers?
Yes, Christian Wood is joining the Lakers, having agreed on a two-year, $5.7 million deal with them.

What Is The Latest News About Christian Wood?
As an AI, I can't give real-time updates, but as of my last training data in October 2021, Christian Wood is playing as a key member for the Houston Rockets. For the absolute latest news, please check the latest updates on FOX Sports or other sports news outlets.

What Is Christian Wood's Fantasy Basketball Projection?
As an NBA journalist, I don't have the specific data for Christian Wood's fantasy basketball projection, but considering his consistent performance, he is expected to be a valuable asset for any team.

What Information Does The Christian Wood Wiki Page Provide?
The Christian Wood Wiki page provides information about his professional basketball career, including his statistics, personal life, achievements, and his journey in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Is Christian Wood Playing For The Warriors?
No, Christian Wood is not playing for the Warriors.

Christian Wood is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He was born and raised in Palmdale, California on September 27th, 1995. Growing up, he was heavily involved in sports as he played football and basketball throughout his school years. As a talented athlete, Christian earned several accolades that included being named to the All-Region Team his senior year in high school.

After graduating from Palmdale High School, Christian went on to attend UNLV’s Runnin’ Rebels where he continued to excel on the court and build upon his impressive skillset. During his two seasons with UNLV, Christian averaged 15 points per game while shooting over 50 percent from three-point land. His efforts were noticed by many scouts across the league which led him to be selected with 45th overall pick in 2015 NBA Draft by the Charlotte Hornets.

Since entering into the NBA ranks, Christian has become one of its hottest names thanks to an explosive rise through out his career thus far. After spending a few brief stints with various teams such as Philadelphia 76ers and Milwaukee Bucks; it wasn’t until 2019 when things began going well for him after signing two consecutive 10-day contracts with New Orleans Pelicans which led to a multiyear deal following All-Star break that same season – making this season (2020) his first full year playing for them. Through those past two years playing for Pelicans he’s been able show off what all those scouting reports had said about him: great scoring ability accompanied by a plethora of highlight reel dunks made it appear like he finally found himself at home as part of NOLA squad while averaging career highs both points/rebounds/assists stat lines plus averaging 1st double double ever back December 2019 against Minnesota Timberwolves; setting tone early – much more was still yet ahead…

In 2020 Free Agency period, everything changed once again as Christian signed 3yr / $41M contract – taking next step forward towards establishing himself not only amongst peers but also within whole NBA circles where now people know who is this guy coming off bench or starting lineups; filling stat sheet up w/ ease & bringing energy every night! Besides just numbers – “Woodman” has become team favorite duehis work ethic & dedication no matter what role given since joining Rockets organization.. From barely getting minutes during playoffs last summer (due Covid pandemic), bouncing around multiple teams due bad luck injuries here there along way; today we take look back at journey taken so far realizing hard work always pays off eventually if keep fighting! Now onto bigger & better things can move forward not look back anymore.. Viva La Woodman!!

Latest Stats

Los Angeles Lakers vs. New York Knicks on Feb 03, 2024 Stats (away)
Points: 0
Two pointers made: 5.7
Three pointers made: 0
Steals: 0
Assists: 0

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Boston Celtics on Feb 01, 2024 Stats (away)
Points: 2.1
Two pointers made: 4
Three pointers made: 0.5
Assists: 0.5

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Atlanta Hawks on Jan 30, 2024 Stats (away)
Points: 13.1
Two pointers made: 8.8
Three pointers made: 0
Steals: 0
Assists: 4.2

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Houston Rockets on Jan 29, 2024 Stats (away)
Points: 0
Two pointers made: 4.3
Three pointers made: 0
Assists: 0

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors on Jan 27, 2024 Stats (away)
Points: 10.6
Two pointers made: 4.8
Three pointers made: 0
Assists: 1.3

Chicago Bulls vs. Los Angeles Lakers on Jan 25, 2024 Stats (home)
Points: 4.2
Two pointers made: 4.1
Three pointers made: 0
Assists: 0

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