Justice Hill

Team: Baltimore Ravens
Position: RB
Height: 5-10
Weight: 197
Arms: 31 3/4
Hands: 9 1/2
Experience: 5
College: Oklahoma State
Age: 26
Hometown: Tulsa, OK

Justice Hill is an NFL athlete from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Born in 1997, he is currently playing for the Baltimore Ravens as a running back. He attended Tulsa Union High School where he was a four-star recruit and competed in track and field. Following his high school career, Justice went on to attend Oklahoma State University. During his time at OSU, Hill spent four seasons with the Cowboys football team and made an impressive impact during each of them.

Hill quickly became one of the top players on offense when he started appearing on college stat sheets in 2015 as a freshman. He rushed for 1,142 yards while averaging 5 yards per carry during that first season alone — making him one of only two freshmen who ran for over 1,000 yards throughout NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) competition that year! His incredible freshman debut earned him Big 12 Offensive Freshman of the Year honors as well as being named an All-Big 12 Second Team selection by various publications including The Associated Press (AP). By 2018 — Justice’s senior season — Hill had already secured himself a place amongst OSU’s all-time rushing leaders with 4,354 total rushing yards; this put him at seventh overall behind some pretty big names like Barry Sanders and Terry Miller!

In 2019 after completing his college career with five straight bowl appearances including three in the New Year’s Six – Justice entered into the NFL draft process where it was predicted that he could potentially go anywhere between rounds 3 through 7th despite being considered undersized compared to other running backs coming out that year due to his height standing at just 5 foot 10 inches tall! Ultimately though – Hill ended up getting selected by Baltimore Ravens in round four becoming their fourth pick outta’ ten total drafted players or prospects chosen from Oklahoma State University since 2016.

Fast forward to today and not only has Justice been able to make an immediate impact upon joining Baltimore but also managed provide quality depth alongside fellow Raven’s backs Mark Ingram II & Gus Edwards last season which resulted in helping them reach second best mark within entire league overall when it comes down rushing statistics! Currently entering into 2021 campaign , there are high expectations surrounding Hill especially if Ingram isn’t re-signed then RB group will likely be relying heavily upon younger athletes such as him more so than before which could bring even greater opportunities awaiting ahead for this standout NFL athlete going forward !


Should I Choose Justice Hill Or Gus Edwards?
Based on the Pro Football Network Start/Sit Optimizer and consensus rankings, you should choose Gus Edwards.

What Is The Nature Of Justice Hill's Injury?
The specific nature of Justice Hill's injury is not provided in the given context.

What Is The Age Of Justice Hill?
Justice Hill is 26 years old.

What Is The Contract Detail Of Justice Hill?
Running back Justice Hill has agreed to a two-year, $4.5 million contract with the Ravens, which can be worth up to $5 million.

What College Did Justice Hill Attend?
Justice Hill attended Oklahoma State University.

What Is Justice Hill's 40-yard Dash Time?
Oklahoma State running back Justice Hill ran an official 4.40 40-yard dash at the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine.

What Is The Fantasy Football Value Of Justice Hill?
Justice Hill has moderate fantasy football value due to his involvement in Baltimore's rush-heavy offense, but his value is tempered by the Ravens' depth at running back.

What Is Being Discussed About Justice Hill On Reddit?
Justice Hill is being discussed on Reddit for his notable performance in opening up the second half by making a significant return in a recent game.

Latest Stats

Houston Texans vs. Baltimore Ravens on Jan 20, 2024 Stats (home)
projected_rushing_yards: 36
projected_rushing_attempts: 11.7

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens on Jan 06, 2024 Stats (home)
projected_rushing_yards: 27.3
projected_rushing_attempts: 6.2

Detroit Lions vs. Baltimore Ravens on Oct 22, 2023 Stats (home)
projected_rushing_attempts: 1.9

Baltimore Ravens vs. New Orleans Saints on Nov 07, 2022 Stats (away)
projected_rushing_attempts: 4.7

Baltimore Ravens vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Oct 27, 2022 Stats (away)
projected_rushing_attempts: 3.8

Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens on Oct 23, 2022 Stats (home)
projected_rushing_attempts: 3