Tyler Herro's Stats and Biography

Team: Boston Celtics

Position: G

Height: 6'5" (1.96m)

Weight: 195lb (88kg)

Country: USA

Attended: Kentucky

Age: 24 years

Dob: January 20, 2000

Draft: 2019 R1 Pick 13

Points Per Game

Rebounds Per Game

Assists Per Game

Player Impact Estimate


What Is The Nature Of Tyler Herro's Injury?
Tyler Herro has sustained a Grade 2 ankle sprain, as confirmed by an MRI, with a re-evaluation scheduled in two weeks to ascertain his return, according to a league source.

What Is The Contract Details Of Tyler Herro?
Tyler Herro has a 4-year contract with the Miami Heat worth $120,000,000, including $120,000,000 guaranteed, with an average annual salary of $30,000,000, and he will earn a base salary of $27,000,000 in the 2023-24 season.

Who Is Tyler Herro's Wife?
As of my latest knowledge, Tyler Herro is not married.

How Did Tyler Herro Perform Against The Pelicans?
Tyler Herro has exhibited consistent performance against the Pelicans, averaging 14.0 points, 4.0 rebounds and 3.7 assists in the 6 games he has played against them in his career.

What Is Tyler Herro's Height?
Tyler Herro is 6-foot-5 tall.

What Are The Lyrics To The Song "Tyler Herro"?
The lyrics to "Tyler Herro" by Jack Harlow touch upon the artist's journey, his success and features multiple basketball references including the song's name which is a tribute to NBA player Tyler Herro, but it's too extensive to be concisely quoted in a single sentence.

What Is The Update On Tyler Herro's Injury?
As of now, specific details about Miami Heat player Tyler Herro's injury status have not been released, so the information of his condition remains unknown.

What Is The Song "Tyler Herro"?
"Tyler Herro" is a song by American rapper Jack Harlow, named after and paying tribute to NBA player Tyler Herro.

Tyler Herro is an American professional basketball player who plays for the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on January 20th, 2000 to parents Kris and Jennifer Herro. Tyler attended Whitnall High School in Greenfield, Wisconsin where he played both basketball and football. His many accomplishments on the court earned him a consensus four-star recruit rating by numerous recruiting services prior to enrolling at Kentucky University.

At Kentucky University, Tyler had two spectacular years that showed off his ability to score from deep range as well as create opportunities for himself using his quickness off of the dribble. During his freshman year, he averaged 14 points per game while shooting 38% from three-point range and 87% from the charity stripe. His sophomore season saw even more improvement with averages of 14 points per game while shooting 37% from behind the arc and 90% from free throw line. Tylerโ€™s performance eventually earned him a spot on the All-SEC Second Team and SEC All-Freshman team during his college career at Kentucky University.

In 2019, Tyler declared for NBA Draft after two seasons in college basketball – foregoing his final two years of eligibility at Kentucky University After being selected 13th overall by Miami Heat during that year’s draft process; he was signed shortly afterwards to a multiyear deal with them organization following summer league play prior NBA season start date In 2020 – 2021 campaign; becoming one of their youngest members ever since Deng Adel made Impact with them during previous season . Throughout this past regular season ; Herro managed to average 16 points , 5 rebounds & 3 assists over course 28 minutes each night despite missing out several weeks due injury After helping lead way towards Eastern Conference Finals berth ,he has become one of most promising young talents within association today

Off court ; Tyler is known social media influencer within greater sports entertainment community Through lighthearted posts humorous editing/content creation tactics employed via various platforms such TikTok & Instagram; he has gained millions followers across world At same time , looks make further impact amidst philanthropic efforts put forth involving Make A Wish foundation work supporting kids affected cancer disease Across board ; it’s clear see why people have been taken back extreme love shared fans all over globe since first entering into professional ranks less than 2 years ago

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