Nikola Jovic's Stats and Biography

Team: Boston Celtics

Position: F

Height: 6'10" (2.08m)

Weight: 205lb (93kg)

Country: Serbia

Attended: Mega Basket

Age: 20 years

Dob: June 9, 2003

Draft: 2022 R1 Pick 27

Points Per Game

Rebounds Per Game

Assists Per Game

Player Impact Estimate


Who Is Nikola Jokic?
Nikola Jokić is a Serbian professional basketball player, six-time NBA All-Star, and two-time NBA Most Valuable Player who represents the Serbian national team and currently plays for the Denver Nuggets.

Who Drafted Nikola Jović In The NBA?
As of now, Nikola Jović has not been drafted by any NBA team.

Who Is Nikola Jovic From The Miami Heat?
Nikola Jovic is a Serbian professional basketball player who plays for the Miami Heat in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

What Is Nikola Jovic's Age?
As the exact age of Nikola Jović is not specified in the given context, it's currently unknown.

Does Nikola Jovic Play In The G League?
Yes, Nikola Jovic does play in the G League, as he has had multiple stints with the Sioux Falls Skyforce, the developmental affiliate of the Miami Heat.

What Is The Height Of Nikola Jović?
The height of Nikola Jović is currently unknown.

What Is Nikola Jovic's Ranking On ESPN?
The ranking of Nikola Jovic on ESPN is currently unknown.

What Is Being Said About Nikola Jovic On Reddit?
As an NBA journalist, I don't have real-time access to specific user comments on Reddit regarding Nikola Jovic.

Nikola Jović is a name that resounds in the field of professional basketball. Born on 9th June 2003, this Serbian basketball player has reached heights that many dream of. Playing for the globally recognized Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association (NBA), Jović holds the profound honor of being their 27th overall selection in the 2022 NBA draft. His journey commenced in Leicester, where he was born in the Royal Infirmary due to his father’s professional basketball career in England. Ilija, his father, was an instrumental inspiration and guide in his life.

Growing up, Jović did not limit himself to basketball. He also spent his formative years playing water polo for VK Partizan. However, basketball pulled at Jović more than anything else. This sport saw him first keenly participating in the KK Sava youth system before his talent and potential led him to join the Mega Basket youth system in 2018.

A prominent milestone in his youthful career was at 2021–22 Euroleague Basketball Next Generation Tournament in Belgrade, Serbia’s capital. Jović shone amidst his contemporaries, averaging an impressive 29.3 points, 10.3 rebounds, 4.5 assists, and 1.8 blocks in a mere 28 minutes per game. His exceptional performance marked him as the deserving recipient of the MVP award.

The young prodigy made his senior debut for Mega Basket in February 2021 during the Radivoj Korać Cup tournament held in Novi Sad. His performance did not disappoint as he scored 10 points and 9 rebounds in only 21 minutes during a game against Split. As he turned 18, Jović signed his first professional contract with Mega, taking his first official step into the professional world.

As part of the GM Survey for the 2021–22 NBA season, Jović was recognized as the best international player yet to take part in NBA. In April 2022, he became the ABA League Top Prospect for the 2021–22 season, solidifying his name within the basketball fraternity. By the end of the season, Jović averaged 11.7 points while shooting 42.8 percent from the field, 35.6 percent on threes, and 75.4 percent from the free throw. His overall performance earned him a spotlight among the crowd.

Following his declaration for the NBA draft in April 2022, Jović attended the draft held at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, later that year. The Miami Heat saw his potential and chose him as their 27th overall pick. He was to accompany the Heat for the NBA Summer League after officially signing a multi-year rookie scale contract in July.

However, not all was smooth sailing for Jović. He was suspended for one game without pay for his outburst during the Toronto Raptors-Heat game. Later that year, he was further assigned to the NBA G League.

Despite the adversities, he contributed to the Heat making it to the 2023 NBA Finals. Unfortunately, they lost the series in 5 games to the Denver Nuggets. In 2024, he scored a career-high 24 points accompanied by 7 rebounds in a match against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Unfortunately, due to a right arm injury, his participation in the 2019 FIBA U16 European Championship in Udine, Italy, was hindered. Nevertheless, Jović went on to represent Serbia at the FIBA Under-19 Basketball World Cup in July 2021. He was also part of the Serbia national team during the 2023 FIBA World Cup Qualifiers at a tender age of 18. Jović’s performance led him to the preliminary Serbia roster for EuroBasket 2022, but he was cut due to the Miami Heat’s disagreement.

Nikola Jović’s journey is characterized by consistent growth, colossal performance and a resilient spirit towards his passion for basketball. His story inspires every budding player to pursue their dreams and achieve great heights in their respective fields.

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