Jimmy Butler's Stats and Biography

Team: Miami Heat

Position: F

Height: 6'7" (2.01m)

Weight: 230lb (104kg)

Country: USA

Attended: Marquette

Age: 34 years

Dob: September 14, 1989

Draft: 2011 R1 Pick 30

Points Per Game

Rebounds Per Game

Assists Per Game

Player Impact Estimate


Is Jimmy Butler Emo?
No, Jimmy Butler is not emo, though he has embraced elements of South Florida's emo culture in his personal style and emotional state.

What Is The Status Of Jimmy Butler's Injury?
As an NBA journalist, I don't have the current information on Jimmy Butler's injury status.

What Does Jimmy Butler's Hair Look Like?
Jimmy Butler's hair is typically styled in short, tight curls and often features a well-groomed beard.

Who Is Jimmy Butler's Wife?
As of my current knowledge and available information, Jimmy Butler is not married.

Is Jimmy Butler The Next Michael Jordan?
While Jimmy Butler showcases commendable talent and shares some similarities with Michael Jordan, it's not accurate to label him as the next Michael Jordan as both players exhibit unique styles and achievements in their respective eras.

What Do Jimmy Butler's Shoes Look Like?
Jimmy Butler's shoes, launched on KICKS CREW, are stylish Li-Ning Sneakers with unique color and design characteristics.

"What Happened During Jimmy Butler's Media Day?"
During Jimmy Butler's media day, he took his season-long headshot sporting dreadlocks, flat-iron hair and facial piercings, styled by a high-end fashion outlet.

Who Is Jimmy Butler's Dad?
The identity of Jimmy Butler's father is unknown.

Jimmy Butler, an NBA player for the Miami Heat, is a five-time All-Star and one of the league’s most versatile players with both offensive and defensive capabilities.

Butler was born in Houston, Texas on September 14th 1989. He attended Tomball High School before enrolling at Tyler Junior College to play basketball in 2008. After two seasons he transferred to Marquette University where he excelled as a three year starter for the Golden Eagles program. He finished his college career averaging 15.7 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists per game while being named Big East Player of the Year in 2011-2012 season.

Despite his impressive collegiate career, Jimmy went undrafted in 2011 NBA draft due to concerns about his poor shooting numbers from beyond the arc during college. He eventually found himself with Chicago Bulls after attending several summer leagues games organized by teams hoping to sign him up as a free agent post draft that year. The move transformed his career as Jimmy quickly became an integral part of Bulls team under head coach Tom Thibodeau during 2012-2013 season by averaging 13 points and 5 rebounds per game which eventually earned him NBA’s Most Improved Player award at end of 2013 season along with first All Star nod later that same year (2014).
Not content with just making it into All Star squad though Butler continued to improve over next couple of years finishing regular 2015-16 season leading team both defensively (1st – Defensive Rating) & offensively (2nd – Points Per Game), becoming only third ever player since Michael Jordan done so before him in 1990’s era . His impressive performance also earned him another two all star appearances from 2017 til 2019 when he switched franchises again this time joining Minnesota Timberwolves following trade deal involving Zach Lavine & Kris Dunn which saw Wolves giving up their picks for 2018/19 drafts . Despite falling short playoffs last two years , Butler still managed make impact within Timberwolves organisation through off court initiatives such as funding local youth programs & providing scholarships students who excel academically or have talent sports field alike showing true nature man behind public persona athlete many perceive him be ..
He would stay there until mid way through 2018–2019 campaign when traded Philadelphia 76ers alongside Justin Patton exchange Dario Saric Robert Covington plus few other assets . In Philly , Butler found new level success almost immediately helping Sixers reach second round playoffs following memorable game winner versus Brooklyn Nets deciding quarterfinal tie series between sides playing huge role turn around fortunes franchise had endured prior arrival on roster .

In July 2019 Jimmy moved yet again signing max contract Miami Heat where currently looks set play out remainder prime having made further leap forward form wise last term recording highest ever scoring average single campaign 20 PPG while also boosting defensive output notching 1st steals per night 4 times over course regular 58 match schedule 2020/21 .. Although perhaps best known individual highlight reel plays has created throughout decade long professional thus far journey away court work might what truly establishes legacy leaves behind once hangs boots given number charities / causes supported recent years including founding “Jimmy G Buckets Foundation” combatting homelessness across United States ..

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