Sharife Cooper's Stats and Biography

Team: Cleveland Cavaliers

Position: PG


What Is The Height Of Sharife Cooper?
Sharife Cooper stands at 6-foot-1 in height.

Is Sharife Cooper Joining The Cavs?
Yes, Sharife Cooper is joining the Cavaliers after signing a 10-day deal with them.

Is Sharife Cooper In The NBA?
Yes, Sharife Cooper is in the NBA, playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

What High School Did Sharife Cooper Attend?
Sharife Cooper attended McEachern High School in Powder Springs, Georgia.

Did Sharife Cooper Sign A Contract?
Yes, Sharife Cooper has signed a 10-day deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Who Is Sharife Cooper Ash Kaash?
Sharife Cooper is a professional basketball player, but the identity or relation of Ash Kaash to him is unknown.

Who Is Sharife Cooper's Girlfriend?
Sharife Cooper's girlfriend is Ash Kaash, as per the context provided.

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