Jrue Holiday's Stats and Biography

Team: Boston Celtics

Position: G

Height: 6'4" (1.93m)

Weight: 205lb (93kg)

Country: USA

Attended: UCLA

Age: 33 years

Dob: June 12, 1990

Draft: 2009 R1 Pick 17

Points Per Game

Rebounds Per Game

Assists Per Game

Player Impact Estimate


What Are The Details Of The Jrue Holiday Trade?
On October 4, 2023, Jrue Holiday was traded to the Boston Celtics who, in return, sent Malcolm Brogdon, Robert Williams III, and Golden State's 2024 and Milwaukee's 2029 first-round draft picks to his former team.

Who Is Jrue Holiday's Wife?
Jrue Holiday's wife is Lauren Holiday, a former professional soccer player.

What Is The Contract Details Of Jrue Holiday?
Jrue Holiday is contracted to earn just under $35 million for the 2023-24 NBA season, and has a player option for the 2024-25 season valued at $37.4 million, which could lead to him exploring unrestricted free agency in the 2025 offseason.

What Is Jrue Holiday's Height?
Jrue Holiday stands at a height of 6′ 4″.

Who Are Jrue Holiday's Brothers?
Jrue Holiday's brothers are Justin Holiday, who also plays in the NBA, and Aaron Holiday.

What Is The Age Of Jrue Holiday?
Jrue Holiday is 33 years old.

What Is Jrue Holiday's Game Log?
As an NBA journalist, I don't have the ability to provide a real-time game log of Jrue Holiday; you can access it on official NBA website or sports platforms like ESPN and CBS Sports.

Jrue Randall Holiday is a professional basketball player for the Milwaukee Bucks of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He was born on June 12, 1990 in Chatsworth, California to Shawn and Toya Holiday. His older brother Justin plays college basketball at the University of Arizona. Jrue attended Campbell Hall School in North Hollywood, where he averaged 26 points, 10 assists, seven rebounds and four steals per game as a junior. He then played one year of college basketball at UCLA before entering the NBA draft in 2009.

Holiday was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers with the 17th overall pick in 2009. He quickly established himself as an integral part of their team; averaging 8.0 points, 3.8 assists and 1 steal during his rookie season while starting 60 games out of 81 total contests he appeared in that year. In 2010-11 his numbers improved drastically; he increased his scoring average to 14 points per game while also averaging 5 assists and 1 steal per contest over all 82 regular season games that year — earning him an All-Rookie Second Team selection as well as being named to participate in the 2011 Rising Stars Challenge during NBA All Star Weekend that year too Despite injuries limiting his play during subsequent seasons with Philly, Holiday still managed manage career highs across various statistical categories – including points per game (19), field goal percentage (45%), three point field goal percentage (35%) , rebounds (4), and assists(8) — culminating with selection for both 2012 Eastern Conference All Star team & 2013 Olympics USA Men’s Basketball team . On July 2nd 2013 Jrue was traded from Philly to New Orleans Pelicans then signed a 4-year $41 million contract extension shortly thereafter . During this time Jrue continued excelling statistically – averaging 16 ppg , 7apg & 4 rpg over five seasons until 2018 when he requested a trade due suffering from injury setbacks . Eventually on July 7th 2019 Jrue was traded once again …this time sent off to Milwaukee Bucks along with two future second round picks after signing another 5-year deal worth $160 million dollars outright making him highest paid player on Bucks roster currently . Now starting alongside Giannis Antetokounmpo & numerous other talented players on current roster it seems clear that Thanksgiving Day 2018 will long be remembered for bringing holiday home to Milwaukee !

Outside of basketball court Junior takes great pride giving back community whenever possible –most notably serving annually Ambassador’s “Thanksgiving Basket Giveaway” which provides meals families need throughout holiday week 2019 served fresh off court / playing surface inside Fiserv Forum! Additionally last summer holiday unveiled new “Give It Up” campaign which seeks bring attention members within military who have made tremendous sacrifices serve nation proudly! Lastly very few people realize how spiritually centered junior remains outside efforts relative charities..it quite inspiring considering deep sense faith commitment drives everything jrue does away hardwood floor !! Overall there no denying jrue’s immense talent skill level…but more importantly drive willingness improve each day paired unselfishness give selflessly community make perfect recipe success no matter what lies ahead future may hold!!

Latest Stats

Boston Celtics vs. Indiana Pacers on May 25, 2024 Stats (away)

Indiana Pacers vs. Boston Celtics on May 23, 2024 Stats (home)
Points: 15
Two pointers made: 3
Three pointers made: 3
Turnovers: 1
Assists: 10

Indiana Pacers vs. Boston Celtics on May 21, 2024 Stats (home)
Points: 28
Two pointers made: 6
Three pointers made: 4
Steals: 3
Free throws made: 4
Turnovers: 4
Blocked shots: 0
Assists: 8

Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers on May 17, 2024 Stats (home)

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Boston Celtics on May 15, 2024 Stats (home)
Points: 13
Two pointers made: 4
Three pointers made: 1
Steals: 0
Free throws made: 2
Turnovers: 3
Blocked shots: 0
Assists: 4

Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat on May 14, 2024 Stats (home)

Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers on May 13, 2024 Stats (home)
Points: 16
Two pointers made: 2
Three pointers made: 4
Steals: 3
Free throws made: 0
Turnovers: 2
Blocked shots: 1
Assists: 5

Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers on May 11, 2024 Stats (home)
Points: 18
Two pointers made: 4
Three pointers made: 3
Steals: 0
Free throws made: 1
Turnovers: 1
Blocked shots: 1
Assists: 5

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Boston Celtics on May 09, 2024 Stats (home)

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Boston Celtics on May 07, 2024 Stats (home)
Points: 14
Two pointers made: 4
Three pointers made: 2
Steals: 0
Free throws made: 0
Turnovers: 0
Blocked shots: 1
Assists: 2