Joe Harris's Stats and Biography

Team: Brooklyn Nets

Position: SF

Height: 6'6" (1.98m)

Weight: 220lb (100kg)

Country: USA

Attended: Virginia

Age: 31 years

Dob: September 6, 1991

Draft: 2014 R2 Pick 33

Points Per Game

Rebounds Per Game

Assists Per Game

Player Impact Estimate

Joe Harris is one of the most talented athletes currently playing in the National Basketball Association. He was born on September 6, 1991 in Cheyenne, Wyoming and grew up in Cheyenne with his parents and two older sisters.

Harris spent his college years attending the University of Virginia where he majored in sociology. During his time at UVA, he was named All-ACC Second Team three seasons as well as a First Team selection during his senior year. His impressive collegiate career earned him an invitation to participate in the 2013 NBA Draft Combine where he posted strong numbers that would eventually seal his place as a professional player.

The Cleveland Cavaliers took Harris with their 33rd pick of the draft, making him one of only two players from Virginia to be selected that year. As a rookie for Cleveland, Harris scored 7 points per game off the bench while shooting 38% from beyond the arc which quickly established him as a reliable 3-point shooter. However after one season with Cleveland, Harris decided to move on and signed with Brooklyn Nets following a four-year contract offer presented by Sean Marks and general manager Billy King before Mikhail Prokhorov’s ownership group purchased it back in 2015 summer free agency period.

Shortly after signing with Brooklyn Nets Joe became an integral part of Kenny Atkinson’s system over there – increasing minutes more than fivefold since joining them which also led him being named Most Improved Player (MIP) by several national media outlets following 2017/18 season – more specifically averaging 13 points per game while hitting 45 percent shots from behind arch along 40 percentage overall shooting clip throughout 82 games played that particular year outfitted all while starting 60 contests during this same time frame what earned him team co-captaincy alongside DeMarre Carroll prior start 2018/19 campaign within organization based out New York City boroughs known simply Brooklyns .

Throughout next couple seasons Joe further thrived under Nets’ tutelage proving himself capable offensive force due ever expanding arsenal new found confidence translating into personal best performance wise both ends floor curating stat lines consist 19 points 4 rebounds 2 assists 1 steal 0 5 blocks 44 percent field goal 35 3 point percentages 2019 20 culminating reaching highest respective totals production wise franchise history (regular season) shot attempts made threes attempted total points scored singe campaigns Those attributes allowed sharpshooter garner spot within first All Star Game career February 23rd 2021 going score 12 helping lead Eastern Conference victory 141 125 .

Now entering 2020 21 campaign Joe finds himself staple coach Steve Nash rotation once again expected see significant amounts court time granted stay healthy craftily weaving way through defensive schemes opponents throws age fast approaching 30 still has considerable amount gas left tank With Durable Reliable determined mentality likely keys allowing remain key contributor league world long haul providing depth presence especially crucial moments games down stretch hopefully bring home success title near future although great things come difficult situations hard work dedication make dreams realities understanding takes determination discipline achieve milestones life real ones .

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