Stance: Orthodox
Division: Light Heavyweight
Height: 6' 3"
Reach: 80"
Leg reach: 45.00
Weight: 205 lbs.
Team: Jetsaam Gym Brno (present)
Nationality: Hostěradice, Czechia
Age: 29


Recent win streak: 13
Wins by KO: 26
Wins by submission: 2



Significant Strikes Attempted: 209
Significant Strikes Landed:


Takedowns Attempted: 1
Takedowns Landed: 1


Jiri Prochazka is a Czech Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) athlete who currently fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He is well known for his impressive performances in various MMA promotions such as Rizin, Kunlun Fight and Full Contact Production. After starting his professional career in 2011, he quickly rose up to become one of the top light heavyweight fighters in the world.

Born on April 16th 1992 in Třinec, Czech Republic, Jiri Prochazka started training martial arts at an early age. He trained karate and Muay Thai before transitioning into mixed martial arts at 18 years old. Upon joining a gym owned by former K-1 World MAX champion Zabit Samedov, he found success almost immediately with several victories over notable opponents from all around Europe including Jan Soukup and Tomas Mrazek.

In 2014 Prochazka signed with Japanese promotion Rizin FF where he became one of their most active competitors racking up nine wins out of ten total bouts during four years. In this time period he managed to amass an exciting undefeated record 17–0–1 by delivering impressive finishes against renown names like Jamie Abdallah and Fabio Maldonado while competing both under Light Heavyweight division and Open Weight category ruleset. His streak was only ended when fighting former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight champion Muhammad Lawal by decision loss , but managing to deliver an entertaining performance nonetheless which earned him much respect from fans all around the globe . Soon after this bout Jiri achieved highest accolade available as far as MMA career goes – signing with leading promotion UFC after becoming free agent following end of his contract with Rizin .

His debut came shortly afterwards at UFC 251 vs Volkan Oezdemir which earned him “Fight Of The Night” bonus award due to its electrifying pace throughout three rounds . Following this bout Jiri quickly cemented himself amongst top light heavyweights contenders globally , earning another “Fight Of The Night” honors against Dominick Reyes just few months later . At present moment he holds overall record 27 – 3 – 1 being arguably biggest star hailing from Czech Republic ever seen inside octagon cage thus far .

Despite very successful transition into fighting elite competition level so far , Jiri hasn’t lost sight on why has transitioned into MMA originally – finding enjoyment inside octagon cage no matter outcome of each particular fight which results in fan favorite style characterized by reckless abandon combined with high technicality leaving crowds always entertained watching each single bout fought so far

Fight History

Alex Pereira
Jiri Prochazka: Defeated
by KO/TKO in Round 2 @ 4:08
Sat. Nov 11, 2023
UFC 295: Prochazka vs. Pereira
Glover Teixeira
Jiri Prochazka: Winner
by Submission in Round 5 @ 4:32
Sat. Jun 11, 2022
UFC 275: Teixeira vs. Prochazka
Dominick Reyes
Jiri Prochazka: Winner
by KO/TKO in Round 2
Sat. May 01, 2021
UFC Fight Night: Reyes vs. Prochazka
Volkan Oezdemir
Jiri Prochazka: Winner
by KO/TKO in Round 2
Sat. Jul 11, 2020
UFC 251: Usman vs. Masvidal