Joel Embiid

Team: Philadelphia 76ers

Position: C

Height: 7'0" (2.13m)

Weight: 280lb (127kg)

Country: Cameroon

Attended: Kansas

Age: 29 years

Dob: March 16, 1994

Draft: 2014 R1 Pick 3

Points Per Game

Rebounds Per Game

Assists Per Game

Player Impact Estimate

Latest Stats

Boston Celtics vs. Philadelphia 76ers on May 07, 2023 Stats (home)
Points: 30.35
Rebounds: 9.43
Assists: 3.84
Fantasy Points Draft Kings: 52.24
Fantasy Points Fan Duel: 52.58

Boston Celtics vs. Philadelphia 76ers on May 05, 2023 Stats (home)
Points: 30.46
Rebounds: 9.42
Assists: 3.87
Fantasy Points Draft Kings: 52.32
Fantasy Points Fan Duel: 52.62

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Brooklyn Nets on Apr 20, 2023 Stats (away)
Points: 33.38
Rebounds: 10.24
Assists: 4.28
Three Pointers Made: 1.04
Fantasy Points Draft Kings: 57.1
Fantasy Points Fan Duel: 57.33

Brooklyn Nets vs. Philadelphia 76ers on Apr 17, 2023 Stats (home)
Points: 34.26
Rebounds: 10.23
Assists: 4.3
Three Pointers Made: 1.09
Fantasy Points Draft Kings: 58
Fantasy Points Fan Duel: 58.2

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Atlanta Hawks on Jun 14, 2021 Stats ()

Joel Embiid is an NBA player currently playing for the Philadelphia 76ers. He was born in Yaoundé, Cameroon on March 16th, 1994 and would later move to the United States as a child. After his father passed away when he was 8 years old, he moved to Florida with his mother and siblings to pursue his basketball career.

Embiid attended Montverde Academy in Florida where he played under coach Kevin Boyle from 2011-2013 and earned two state championships. He then went on to play college basketball at The University of Kansas for one year before declaring for the 2014 NBA Draft. In his only season at Kansas, Joel averaged 11 points and 8 rebounds per game along with earning Big 12 All-Defensive Team honors as well as being named Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year. Despite dealing with back issues that some thought could derail a potential top pick status, Joel declared himself eligible for the draft anyway and was selected 3rd overall by Philadelphia in 2014 NBA Draft.

However due to those same back issues mentioned earlier, Embiid missed much of his first two seasons before finally making an official debut during 2016-2017 season which included him becoming an all star starter after averaging 20 points per game while also leading league’s centers in blocks per game (2). His presence helped lead Sixers into playoffs where they eventually lost to Boston Celtics 4–1 in Eastern Conference Semi Finals but Joel’s breakout season has definitely been noticed throughout league proving just how much of impactful player can be when healthy enough do so.

Since then Embiid has only further cemented himself among best players in entire league due combination high level play on both ends court coupled stellar off court personality/charisma that endeared him even more fans around world including home city Philly fanbase whom adores every moment this man plays minutes each night out there floor . With help fellow teammates like Ben Simmons Al Horford Tobias Harris JJ Reddick team looks poised contend championship next few years least if young core continues develop way have over past couple seasons it will certainly boost their chances quite bit . As for Joel specifically , despite already having become far better player than anyone expected especially given injury history still room improvement especially regards finishing inside paint no doubt something we see addressed time goes coming summer surely yet another step closer towards achieving ultimate goal winning title someday near future