On Wednesday, a video surfaced online that shows former UFC welterweight title contender Nick Diaz in an altercation with another motorist on the Vegas strip. According to witnesses, the altercation was sparked by a fender bender between the two cars and quickly escalated.


In the video, Diaz can be seen walking towards a man’s car while shouting “Do you want some?” and throwing his hands up as if ready to fight. The other driver appears to back down, but exchanges angry words with Diaz before they are separated by bystanders. It is unclear what prompted the confrontation or if either party was injured in the incident.

Diaz has had his fair share of run-ins with the law throughout his fighting career, including a recent suspension for failing three drug tests for marijuana use in 2015. He has also been involved in numerous controversial incidents outside of combat sports, including an alleged assault on someone at a nightclub last year. Despite these issues, many MMA fans still view him as one of their favorite fighters due to his aggressive style and brash attitude inside and outside of the octagon.

This most recent episode could mark another blip on Diaz’s radar when it comes to legal troubles though it seems unlikely he will face any real consequences from this particular incident as no charges have yet been filed against him related to it. This isn’t surprising considering how few details about what exactly happened on that street corner have emerged so far – all we really know is that things got heated enough for bystanders around them to take notice and capture footage of it via cell phone cameras .

While there may never be clarity around what exactly happened during this altercation , one thing is certain: whether intentional or not , Nick Diaz certainly made sure everyone knew who he was during that exchange . He might want to remember next time however , running into trouble with strangers out in public rarely ends well for anyone involved .


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