On Saturday night at Octagon 44 in Almaty, Kazakhstan, welterweight fighters Thiago Oliveira and Erkin Darmenov were almost certain to put on a show for the fans. What transpired between them was something no one could have predicted.

Late in the first round Oliveira dropped Darmenov with what appeared to be an illegal knee to the groin then took his back and worked toward a rear naked choke before doing something completely unexpected – he bit down hard on Darmenov’s ear. The Kazakh fighter frantically signaled to referee Dauranbek Zhakaev that he had been bitten, but Oliveira finished off the choke from Darmenov’s back anyway before celebrating joyously with his team while an enraged Darmenov tried desperately to alert officials of what had happened.

Replay review showed clearly that Oliveira had indeed bit his opponent’s ear, prompting a disqualification which awarded victory by default to an infuriated Erkin Darmenov who aggressively confronted his opponent after being declared victorious. As you can see by watching this video starting around the 4:15 mark (12 second mark), it was quite a scene in Almaty Kazakhstan!

The loss marks six consecutive defeats for Thiago Oliveira (16-10) while Erkin Damrenov (13-5) extended his winning streak five fights long. In response, Olivera stormed out of the cage before hearing official announcement about disqualification leaving everyone shocked about such peculiar behavior inside octagon cage. It appears as though this fight will go down as yet another example of how MMA can be unpredictable and dangerous if regulations are not followed properly within octagon cage .


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