The build for the fight has been much quieter than the Paul’s pair of previous fights, which saw him brawl with fellow social media star and former NBA player Nate Robinson. Despite that, it appears as though there is still some level of tension between Paul and Diaz leading up to their August 5 bout.All in all, Tuesday’s presser wasn’t nearly as chaotic as some were expecting. Instead of sparking a war of words or physical altercation, both competitors kept things fairly light-hearted while offering brief glimpses of what should be an interesting matchup when they take center stage come August.In attendance was rapper Snoop Dogg who lent his support to Diaz by saying “I got love for you homie! Keep your head up high! I’m gonna have money on you!”At the end of it all, it looks like we have ourselves a real boxing match coming our way this summer instead one set solely inside the world publicity stunts. For now at least, Paul and Diaz appear ready to go toe-to-toe without any further distractions outside the ring before they step into battle in Dallas..


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