If you have not heard, Anthony “Lionheart” Smith recently had a brawl outside the cage with a home invader in his Omaha, Nebraska home. Smith gave strange details of the brawl in an interview with Ariel Helwani, where he described a man taking his “knees kicks, and punches” and continuing forward. Such details have brought question to the legitimacy of his claims of the altercation, as to how a teenager could take a professional mixed martial artists strikes.

Anthony Smith Home Invader Screaming

However, new details have surfaced, backing up the former contenders claims, as a neighbor has released footage of the invader attempting to go in the front door prior to Smith’s home. The level psychoticness (as described by Smith) can be seen as the teenager screams in rage at a locked door.


Further insight has been released, such as the name of the intruder (Luke Haberman), as well as his standout wrestling background.

Some have questioned why Smith did not think to simply use his superior jiu-jitsu to deflate the situation, similarly to Matt Serra’s altercation with an intoxicated patron. Clearly, the screaming former wrestler was also supplementing with performance enhancing drugs (based on screaming at a door), prior to his brawl with UFC commentator and top light heavyweight Anthony Smith.

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