Kamaru Usman has stirred the pot once again, this time with a call-out for Russian fighter Khamzat Chimaev. Usman wants to fight Chimaev before challenging Leon Edwards for the title. This is not a new approach as it has been seen used in many different divisions over time and usually ends up being one of the biggest bouts of that year. In this instance, Usman’s motivation is clear: he wants to test himself against someone he views as an elite opponent while also putting pressure on his next potential opponent.

Usman is coming off a successful defense of his welterweight championship at UFC 258 against Gilbert Burns and appears determined to take on all comers in order to further build his legacy. With Leon Edwards pulling out of their proposed Fight Night headliner due to injury, Usman now sees Khamzat Chimaev as the ideal opponent and challenger before taking on Edwards for the belt.

Chimaev has earned himself an impressive 9-0 record since entering MMA in 2017, including two wins and one draw in just three UFC fights thus far – all of which have taken place within two months! His remarkable ascendancy into stardom was highlighted by Dana White who dubbed him “the most unique fighter we’ve ever seen” following yet another dominant performance earlier this month at UFC Fight Island 8 where he demolished former middleweight champion Gerald Meerschaert via first round KO/TKO .

Naturally, there are questions surrounding whether or not Kamaru Usman will be able to stay true to his word; something many fighters have failed miserably at doing despite making similar challenges shortly after big victories (see Conor McGregor). For arguments sake however let us assume that both men remain healthy enough accept each other’s challenge come fight night; what can fans expect from such a matchup?

A clash between these two would certainly be explosive considering they are both incredibly talented wrestlers with extensive backgrounds in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – but when you add their near identical heights along with considerable reach advantages that both possess then you have recipe for nonstop action right until final bell rings! Both possessing strong defensive abilities means even if neither can secure submission or knockout victory then points will be evenly split across judges scorecards – something rarely witnessed when it comes down a five round championship bout like this one could potentially become should it come fruition .

Ultimately only time will tell whether or not Kamaru Usam gets his wish granted but regardless I think this match up would make absolute sense from every perspective: fans get exciting action through out full duration ,fighters alike receive ample opportunity showcase their respective talents ,and ultimately promotion itself benefits greatly by having two contenders highly competitive battle square off center cage !


“Usman is underestimating my skills and I’m not ready to let him get away with it. I know what I’m capable of and he’ll regret showing me disrespect”

“Khamzat, you can talk big but stepping into the ring is completely different. You won’t last when facing one of the greatest fighters in history”

“What gives Usman the right to think that he can boss me around? He should be more humble or he will have another thing coming for him very soon”

“Don’t try acting tough Khamzat, everyone knows who Usman is and what he achieved. You obviously haven’t done much research on his accomplishments!”

“You’ve got some nerve talking down on me like that Usman! Unlike some people here, I actually back up all my words with actions instead of empty boasts.”

“I don’t need to show off to prove myself Khamzat. My track record speaks for itself – no amount of trash talking will change that fact!”

“No words are enough to express how wrong you are about this situation Usman! Go ahead and keep trying though – it’ll only make matters worse for you in the end.”

“Oh please Khamzat, why don’t we see if your bravado carries over into the fight? That would really put an end this ridiculous argument we’re having now”

“How dare you challenge me like this! We both know who has more experience in fights so thinking otherwise isn’t wise at all.”

“It doesn’t matter how experienced either one of us is – a good fighter always keeps learning from their opponents and adds new tricks each time they face them off.”

“Usman might have a point there but that doesn’t mean I haven’t earned my spot among some of the best fighters out there. Let’s settle this inside the ring where real champions emerge!”

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