Eddie Alvarez, the “Underground King”, has added a win in a bare-knuckle fight to his impressive resume. He went up against Chad Mendes, a fellow UFC veteran, in a five-round battle that saw both fighters land two knockdowns. The judges ultimately returned a split decision, with Alvarez receiving two 47-46 scorecards and Mendes receiving one. Despite the tough fight, Alvarez was pleased with the outcome and praised Mendes for his hard hits. He also expressed his belief that bare-knuckle fighting has a bright future in the world of sports.

โ€œThis is a pleasure,โ€ Alvarez said. โ€œChad is a f****** dog. I did not expect that. The man hits crazy hard. This is a dog fight in here. Iโ€™m convinced right now this is going to be the best sport in the world. BKFC is here to stay.โ€

The fight between Eddie Alvarez and Chad Mendes at BKFC 41 was an incredible display of skill, heart, and determination from both fighters. Despite the brutal nature of bare-knuckle fighting, neither fighter backed down, and both men showed incredible toughness and resilience throughout the five-round battle.

For Eddie Alvarez, the win in his BKFC debut was a huge accomplishment. Alvarez is no stranger to combat sports, having fought in the UFC, Bellator, and ONE Championship, among other organizations. He is a former UFC lightweight champion and has fought some of the best fighters in the world throughout his career. However, bare-knuckle fighting presents a unique challenge, and Alvarez rose to the occasion with an impressive performance against Mendes.

For Chad Mendes, the fight marked the end of a storied career that saw him compete at the highest levels of MMA. Mendes fought for the UFC and WEC and was known for his explosive wrestling and knockout power. While he was unable to secure a win in his two bare-knuckle fights, Mendes showed that he still had plenty of fight left in him, and he was a worthy opponent for Alvarez.

The fight itself was a back-and-forth battle from start to finish. Mendes came out strong, landing powerful punches that left Alvarez with a cut under his eye. Alvarez tried to use his reach advantage to keep Mendes at bay, but Mendes was relentless, pushing forward and landing heavy shots.

In the second round, Mendes landed a left hand that dropped Alvarez to the canvas for the first time in the fight. Alvarez got back to his feet and continued to battle, but Mendes continued to press forward, looking for the knockout.

In the later rounds, Alvarez started to find his rhythm, landing shots of his own and putting together combinations that seemed to stun Mendes. However, Mendes continued to fight back, landing big shots that kept the fight close.

In the end, the judges scored the fight in favor of Alvarez, but it was a close and hard-fought battle that could have gone either way. Both fighters showed incredible heart and determination, and they left everything they had in the ring.

For fans of bare-knuckle fighting, the fight between Alvarez and Mendes was a true showcase of the sport’s unique style and intensity. While it may not be for everyone, there is no denying the raw and primal nature of bare-knuckle fighting, and fights like this one only serve to highlight its appeal.

Overall, the fight between Eddie Alvarez and Chad Mendes at BKFC 41 was a memorable and exciting battle between two highly skilled and determined fighters. It was a true test of their abilities, and both men rose to the challenge admirably. While Mendes may be retiring from fighting, Alvarez’s win sets him up for a promising future in the world of bare-knuckle fighting, and fans can only look forward to what he will bring to the sport in the years to come.

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