It was a tense moment at the UFC Vegas 72 weigh-ins when two fighters faltered at the scale and one missed by 4 pounds. The stakes were high as the fighters prepared to step into the octagon and battle it out in front of thousands of spectators, but it seemed that some had not prepared adequately for this crucial moment.

The first fighter to stumble was Brian Kelleher, who weighed in one pound over the bantamweight limit. He came out looking confident, wearing his signature “Irish Dragon” t-shirt, but he could not hide his disappointment as he realized that he had failed to make weight. After pleading with officials for an additional hour to cut weight, Kelleher ultimately decided to move up a class and compete at featherweight instead.

The second fighter who faltered on the scales was Maurice Greene, who reportedly weighed in four pounds over his allotted heavyweight limit. This news disappointed many fans who were hoping for an exciting showdown between Green and rival Ciryl Gane. As Greene walked off stage with slumped shoulders and head bowed low, it became clear that there would be no fight between these two competitors tonight after all.

These issues served as a stern reminder of how important proper nutrition is during fight training and preparation – something which can often be overlooked by athletes eager to get into shape quickly before their next bout or tournament. It also highlighted how strict regulations are within MMA – while other sports may allow athletes more leeway when they fail weigh-in requirements (with penalties such as points deductions), MMA has zero tolerance policy when it comes to missing weight limits even by a fraction of a pound!

Despite these setbacks on Friday night’s events unfolded without further incident or controversy; all remaining contestants made weight with ease ahead of their matchups later that night – much to everyone’s relief! Speaking afterwards about what happened earlier in the day UFC President Dana White said: “When you sign up for fights you know exactly what you should do so I think if someone doesn’t make it then they should pay some kind penalty”. His comments suggest stricter punishments may be forthcoming from future competitions – another reminder that regulation adherence is key within MMA circles (as well as most other professional sports).

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