The BKFC gets a lot of attention for their biggest events, and the most recent one didn’t disappoint. The night was marked by an unprecedented clash between two of the sport’s most captivating stars: Conor McGregor and Mike Perry.

The face off between these two fighters at Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) was a shock to the combat community. The biggest name in Mixed Martial Arts entered the circular cage with the BKFC belt over his shoulder, goading Perry to challenge him for the title. Somewhat in jest, however the setup started the communities talk.

Who would win in a bare-knuckle fight between Conor McGregor and Mike Perry?

One dimension to consider is McGregor’s patented left – would he be able to still land the heavy shots without wrap on his fists? Could Perry’s in your face style really avoid the precision of McGregor’s striking? BK is not MMA, so you can’t expect the same performances from McGregor as we’ve seen in the octagon. Regardless, it would be a wild ride while it lasted.

While this event has come and gone there are plenty of interesting fights to make following their encounter on BKFC’s stage. Here are some of the dream matchups that could take place:

1) Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov 2 – One of MMA’s greatest rivalries saw its first installment back in 2018 when Khabib defeated McGregor via submission at UFC 229; however, both fighters have expressed interest in running it back to settle unfinished business once and for all. Given how explosive these two names can be when clashing against each other, fans could certainly look forward to another high-octane slugfest if they were to rematch inside the octagon!

2) Mike Perry vs Jorge Masvidal – Both men are known for their love of striking heavy leather but given their different fighting styles it makes for an intriguing matchup should they ever cross paths under the bright lights again. It’d likely be a fight full of excitement with both veterans hoping to outstrike one another from start finish – making it must watch action regardless who wins!

3) Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier 2 – These former lightweight title challengers had an epic battle at UFC 257 which ultimately saw Poirier defeat McGregor via TKO before claiming his second win against “The Notorious” in three years; however, despite this result neither fighter seems keen on stopping anytime soon so maybe we may see them face off once more!

4) Mike Perry vs Robbie Lawler – Both men like nothing better than testing themselves by engaging opponents head on without any hesitation or fear – which is why having them go toe-to-toe inside octagon is bound bring us some incredible moments worthy watching time after time!

In conclusion, no matter what happens next you can always bet that MMA fans will find something exciting going due its current list roster filled with talent personalities who never shy away from brawling no matter cost involved – surely guaranteeing even more memorable fights future down line!

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