Victor "El Magnifico" Altamirano


Stance: Switch
Division: Flyweight
Height: 5' 8"
Reach: 70"
Weight: 125 lbs.


Victor Altamirano, the Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) athlete and Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, is one of the most accomplished mixed martial artists in MMA. Born in Fortaleza, Brazil on November 24th 1982 he began training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu at an early age under famed fighters such as Wallid Ismael, Roberto Alencar and Andre Motta.

Altamirano moved to Sao Paulo at the age of 15 where he trained with several other renowned instructors including Marco Barbosa and Demian Maia. During this time Victor also gained experience by competing around Brazil in various professional events including Jiu Jitsu tournaments and Mixed Martial Arts fights. His success continued as his career progressed and by 2008 Victor was awarded his Black Belt from master demian maia .

At 23 years old Altamirano signed a contract with UFC for their fight night series on September 19th 2006 where he defeated Daniel Acacio via submission armbar. Drawing upon his technical expertise of grappling techniques proved successful throughout many more fights resulting in him having a 7–2 record within Undercard organizations such as Jungle Fight Promotion. Numerous victories followed over well established opponents including Alexandre Barros at UFC 64 which earned him Submission of The Night honors ultimately leading to a 9–3 overall record by 2012.

In 2013 after receiving offers from promotions all over the world Altamirano had become an international champion defeating veteran fighter Gilmar China at PXC 43 for the Pacific Xtreme Combat Featherweight Championship title held in Guam April 19th 2013 becoming only one out of two brazilians to ever hold this title thus far both consecutively holding it twice each due to rematches between them later that same year This great accomplishment created even more attention providing additional opportunities thus opening up new doors for further development outside of MMA fighting successfully making him into not just a fighter but now also an inspiration among millions worldwide aspiring athletes seeking similar paths towards greatness.

Throughout his career Altamirano has always stayed true to himself while remaining humble never forgetting those who have helped contributed along these past few years ultimately shaping him into whom we know today coming together through passion determination hard work , dedication & discipline unifying life & sport eventually earning lasting respect through remarkable achievements that will surely be remembered for generations ahead setting examples helping pave ways towards greater accomplishments directly impacting others lives globally beyond just entertainment or competition alone

Fight History

Tim Elliott
Victor Altamirano: Defeated
by Unanimous Decision in Round 3
Sat. Jun 03, 2023
UFC Fight Night: Kara-France vs. Albazi
Vinicius Salvador
Victor Altamirano: Winner
by Unanimous Decision in Round 3
Sat. Mar 25, 2023
UFC Fight Night: Vera vs. Sandhagen
Daniel Da Silva
Victor Altamirano: Winner
by KO/TKO in Round 1 @ 3:39
Sat. Aug 20, 2022
UFC 278: Usman vs. Edwards 2
Carlos Hernandez
Victor Altamirano: Defeated
by Split Decision in Round 3
Sat. Feb 26, 2022
UFC Fight Night: Makhachev vs. Green