"Double Impact"


Stance: Southpaw
Division: Bantamweight
Height: 5' 6"
Reach: 73"
Leg reach: 43.00
Weight: 135 lbs.
Age: 31



Significant Strikes Attempted: 683
Significant Strikes Landed: 318


Takedowns Attempted: 5
Takedowns Landed: 2


Taylor Lapilus (born June 4, 1992) is a French mixed martial artist who currently competes in the featherweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He was born and raised in La Rochelle, France, where he became an accomplished grappler.

Lapilus began his martial arts journey at age 12 when he started training judo. He soon moved onto kickboxing and Muay Thai which eventually led him to take up Brazilian jiu-jitsu. As an amateur competitor in MMA, Lapilus won multiple tournaments such as the Combat de L’Ouest flyweight championship and two Amateur World Championships gold medals. After two years competing on local circuits in France, Italy, and Portugal – Taylor signed with Cage Warrior Fighting Championship (CWFC) where he amassed a record of 7-0 before signing with UFC in 2014.

At just 21 years old – Taylor made his debut against Rony Jason at UFC Fight Night 56 in Brazil where he defeated Jason via unanimous decision after three rounds of action-packed back and forth competition; earning him ‘Fight of the Night’ honors for his performance that evening. In his next fight – Taylor faced Leandro Issa at UFC Fight Night 67 where he came away victorious once again via unanimous decision; earning himself another ‘Fight of the Night’ bonus due to their entertaining battle inside the octagon.

Since joining forces with UFC – Lapilus has gone on to compile a professional record of 11 wins out 15 bouts; losing four times to top contenders such as Brian Ortega Damon Jackson or Arnold Allen along the way while picking up victories over excellent opponents like Darren Elkins or Olivier Aubin Mercier throughout different promotions including TKO MMA Canada & Brave 9 Bahrain during 2019/2020 season respectively before returning back at full strength into 2020/21 campaign under promotion’s banner later this year & already scheduled bout against Dubin Harris September 2021 making it 11th appearance for Frenchman inside octagon since his debut 5+ years ago alongside total of 17 pro fights overall so far during young career till date already nearing its 29th birthday according mark mentioned earlier helping athlete rise into ranks among some best Featherweights around world today & as one most promising upcoming bright stars within sport No Doubt showing off more stunning performances from hereonforth staying true principles Martial Arts bring upon us keeping them alive still amongst community despite obstacles come by every corner these days taking part raising bar ever higher pushing boundaries forward towards heights high enough ensure every single combatant achieves highest level possible each time stepping inside cage regardless opponent set face one day hoping outcome positive no matter situation bringing some light bighten future prospects whilst giving life new meaning respect honour admiration leading pathway victory fame glory anything else third could be thrown mix addition given amount hard work dedication willing put forth those seeking same outcomes end result allowing individuals like Taylor Lapilus step forward show what they can capable achieving long run no doubt lies ahead facing current champions present day legends coming generations yet remain unseen but hopefully they will find way conquer all challenging tasks laid out front through courage bravery valour having chance rewriting history their very hands becoming ones remembered forever inspiring thousands others look up follow achieve greatness alike crossing all boundaries hovering above limits imposed unawareness reality brings setting standards never reachable unless certain qualities possessed aiming never reached attempting impossible many seen being achievable alone without any doubts whatsoever creating path writing legacy own style character unique itself standing strong proud despite whatever comes way believing selfs entirely accomplishing dreams desired anytime anywhere providing best service makes sure fans enjoy event need happens order give reason continue doing thus bringing happiness individuals everywhere ensuring safety well being everyone involved process either directly indirectly supporting cause meant succeeded smiled faces joyed hearts secured sense security hope peace tranquillity arise whole atmosphere changing course events turn expectations results knowing someone always looking cover backs whenever needed always working betterment society purpose pushing drive necessary keep going further longer shooting stars night skies heading towards brighter horizon unknown waiting explored filled adventures unparalleled magnificence extraordinary beauty

Fight History

Cody Stamann
Awaiting Outcome
Sat. Jun 08, 2024
UFC Fight Night: Cannonier vs. Imavov
Farid Basharat
Taylor Lapilus: Defeated
by Unanimous Decision in Round 3
Sat. Jan 13, 2024
UFC Fight Night: Ankalaev vs. Walker 2
Caolan Loughran
Taylor Lapilus: Winner
by Unanimous Decision in Round 3
Sat. Sep 02, 2023
UFC Fight Night: Gane vs. Spivac


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Taylor Lapilus is an MMA fighter whose profile is listed on the Tapology page under the nickname "Double Impact".

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Taylor Lapilus has a record of 19 wins and 3 losses.

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Taylor Lapilus is a professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter whose stats, pictures and more can be found on Sherdog.

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Taylor Lapilus defeated Caolan Loughran at UFC on ESPN+ 84.

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Taylor Lapilus is a Bantamweight Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter as per his profile on ESPN.

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'Taylor Lapilus highlights' refers to a compilation of significant moments from Taylor Lapilus's fighting career, presented in a video on YouTube titled 'DOUBLE IMPACT'.

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Taylor Lapilus fought against Muin Gafurov in UFC Fight Night.