"The Warrior"


Stance: Orthodox
Division: Bantamweight
Height: 5' 5"
Reach: 69"
Leg reach: 37.00
Weight: 135 lbs.
Team: Arena Dortmund
Nationality: Warendorf, Germany
Out of: Warendorf, Germany[1]
Age: 28


Recent win streak: 1
Wins by KO: 9
Wins by submission: 2
Wins by decision: 2



Significant Strikes Attempted: 57
Significant Strikes Landed: 32


Khalid Taha is a German-born Kurdish mixed martial artist who competes in the bantamweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He has been involved in MMA since 2009, when he began training at Istanbul Top Team. After establishing himself as one of Europe’s premier prospects, Taha made his professional debut in 2012 and quickly built an impressive record competing on German and Austrian promotions. In 2018, he signed with Brave Combat Federation and earned a shot at their bantamweight title before signing with the UFC later that year.

Taha was born to Kurdish parents in Mannheim, Germany on October 8th 1992 but spent much of his childhood growing up between Iraq and Germany; both countries have had a massive influence on him as an athlete. Since early childhood Khalid showed off his exceptional athleticism through various sports such as soccer, basketball, boxing and martial arts like Judo which he practiced from age 11 until 16 years old where after he joined Istanbul Top Team for kickboxing classes followed by BJJ / MMA classes coached by Adem Yılmaz whom stayed beside Khalid throughout most successful fights till nowadays .

As well as having Middle Eastern heritage – which also plays heavily into his training – Taha holds great pride for both Germany and Turkey due to his time spent there over the years; this mix allows him to take aspects from different cultures whilst still staying true to his roots. As an athlete he’s known for being incredibly disciplined while maintaining good composure under pressure making him very difficult to beat inside the cage or out of it . His style is aggressive yet technical relying heavily on superior striking skills coupled with great cardio conditioning allowing him go all rounds if needed but also giving him ability finishing opponent quickly giving no chance of escape or counter attack while staying perfectly control during entire fight .

In 2018 Taha competed against Elias Boudegzdame at Brave Combat Federation 15 winning via first round KO earning himself championship belt opportunity against Stephen Loman whom defeated via third round submission becoming first ever king of Iconic 13kg(bantam) weight class adding another one victory under undefeated record consisting 17 wins so far (7KO/8SUB/2DECISION). Later that year after multiple attempts UAE based promotion decided sign contract with Khailid sending official offer directly from Kingdom Bahrain , Uae helping thus young man reach bigger audience for showcasing beautiful art called “MMA” . After couple months taken advantage every single opportunity given by Dana White organization 30 year old german kurdish mma fighter won four fights while losing only once taking part memorable war vs Kevin Aguilar during final seconds match endearing respect not only among fans but also famous mma personalities including popular Conor McGregor , Dustin Poirier , Justin Gaethje ..etc Khailid notable faces inside lightweight division continues rising climaxed recently beating two times former world champion Renan Barão via unanimous decision making statement about talent level allowed reaching all heights rightfully deserved within few upcoming matches insha Allah !

Fight History

Cristian Quinonez
Khalid Taha: Defeated
by KO/TKO in Round 1 @ 3:15
Sat. Sep 03, 2022
UFC Fight Night: Gane vs. Tuivasa
Sergey Morozov
Khalid Taha: Defeated
by Unanimous Decision in Round 3
Sat. Jul 17, 2021
UFC Fight Night: Makhachev vs. Moises
Raoni Barcelos
Khalid Taha: Defeated
by Decision in Round 3
Sat. Nov 07, 2020
UFC Fight Night: Santos vs. Teixeira
Bruno Silva
Khalid Taha: Winner
by Submission in Round 3
Sat. Oct 05, 2019
UFC 243: Whittaker vs. Adesanya


Who Is Khalid Taha MD?
Khalid Taha MD is a pediatric specialist who graduated from Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar in 2017 and currently practices in Richmond, VA.

What Is Khalid Taha's Record?
Khalid Taha's record in UFC is 14-5-0.

Who Is Khalid Taha In UFC?
Khalid Taha is a German mixed martial artist competing in the UFC's bantamweight division and, since turning professional in 2013, has also competed in the Rizin Fighting Federation.

Who Won The Fight Between Khalid Taha And Bruno Silva?
The information provided does not specify who won the fight between Khalid Taha and Bruno Silva at UFC 243.

Who Won The Fight Between Khalid Taha And Cristian Quinonez?
Cristian Quinonez won the fight against Khalid Taha by TKO on September 3, 2022.

What Is Khalid Taha's Net Worth?
The net worth of Khalid Taha is currently unknown.

What Is The Height Of Khalid Taha?
Khalid Taha stands at a height of 5′ 7″.

What Is Khalid Taha's Ranking?
As of my latest information, Khalid Taha's UFC ranking is unknown.

Who Is Khalid Taha At Wells Fargo?