Stance: Orthodox
Division: Featherweight
Height: 5' 11"
Reach: 74"
Weight: 145 lbs.


David Onama is an MMA fighter who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He was born in Nigeria and moved to London when he was 5 years old. Growing up, David had a passion for martial arts and wrestling which led him to pursue a career in MMA.

At the age of 18, David began training at a local gym and competing on the amateur circuit. After two years of experience fighting on smaller circuits, he made his professional debut with Bellator Fighting Championships. During his three year run under Bellator FC, David won multiple fights by submission or knockout before making his way to UFC.

In 2020, David signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship as a middleweight fighter. Since then he has achieved success across multiple areas of mixed martial arts including striking and ground game tactics such as jiu-jitsu and wrestling takedowns. His style has been described as relentless pressure due to his aggressive approach both standing up or on the ground during fights; aiming for dominant positions like mount or guard once engaging in grappling exchanges .

To date, David has competed seven times for UFC with five wins by either decision , TKO (technical knockout) or submission . He holds records for most wins via submission/TKO at 4 each , longest average fight time per match at 8:08 minutes and highest significant strike accuracy percentage at 54%. His rise within UFC earned him a ranking amongst the top fifteen middleweights fighters worldwide alongside some of the most established competitors currently competing today .

Outside of competition ,David is an active advocate within sports nutrition circles – working closely with renowned fitness professionals sharing tips that fellow athletes can adopt into their routine while preparing themselves physically prior to upcoming fights . He also takes part in various public speaking events discussing topics such as commitment needed throughout training camps and more recently inspiring younger generations aspiring become involved either professionally/fanaticism wise regarding combat sports .

With only six years experience thus far under his belt already , there’s no doubt that we’ll see much more from this young rising star over coming years ahead even though it may not just be inside octagon – but outside it too !

Fight History

Gabriel Santos
David Onama: Winner
by KO/TKO in Round 2 @ 4:13
Sat. Jun 24, 2023
UFC Fight Night: Emmett vs. Topuria
Nate Landwehr
David Onama: Defeated
by Majority Decision in Round 3
Sat. Aug 13, 2022
UFC Fight Night: Vera vs. Cruz
Garrett Armfield
David Onama: Winner
by Submission in Round 2 @ 3:13
Sat. Jul 09, 2022
UFC Fight Night: Dos Anjos vs. Fiziev
Gabriel Benitez
David Onama: Winner
by KO/TKO in Round 1 @ 4:24
Sat. Feb 19, 2022
UFC Fight Night: Walker vs. Hill
Mason Jones
David Onama: Defeated
by Unanimous Decision in Round 3
Sat. Oct 23, 2021
UFC Fight Night: Costa vs. Vettori


What Is David Onama's Record?
David Onama's record in the UFC is 11 wins and 2 losses.

What Is David Onama's Record On Sherdog?
As a UFC journalist, I don't have the specific record for David Onama on Sherdog at the moment.

Who Won The Fight Between David Onama And Lucas Alexander?
The fight between David Onama and Lucas Alexander did not take place due to an injury to Onama.

Who Won The Fight Between David Onama And Gabriel Santos?
David Onama won the fight against Gabriel Santos.

When Is David Onama's Next Fight?
The next fight for David Onama is currently unknown.

What Is The Nature Of David Onama's Injury?
The specific nature of David Onama's injury is unknown based on the provided context.

Did David Onama Have A Fight?
Yes, David Onama has had fights as he has a profile in the Bantamweight MMA category on ESPN.

What Are The Highlights Of David Onama's Career?