UFC 288 was a sight to behold as Matt Frevola knocked out Drew Dober in the first round. It was an impressive performance that demonstrated just how powerful Frevola can be, and he did it all with devastating efficiency.

“It was all instinct, comes from years of training” said Frevola following his victory. “Drew is a tough competitor and I knew going into this fight that he wasn’t going to go down easy. So when I saw my opportunity to finish him I took it without hesitation.”

Frevola landed some big shots early on in the bout but it wasn’t until midway through the first round that he truly got his chance at victory. After securing a takedown, Frevola began raining down fists and elbows onto Dober while staying completely composed and controlled during the whole exchange.

The referee had no choice but to step in after seeing how one-sided the action had become, awarding Frevola with a TKO victory at 4:32 of Round 1 and instantly earned him praise from UFC President Dana White who said “That was a pretty damn impressive performance from Matt tonight! He showed why he belongs here by getting that big win over Drew!”

 Drew Dober put up an admirable effort but ultimately couldn’t withstand Frevolas onslaught which seemed inevitable from start to finish. Despite dropping four of his last five bouts heading into this matchup there was never any doubt about what kind of damage ‘The Memphis Heat’ could cause when given an opening; something Drew learned firsthand on Saturday night.

“I’ve been training hard for this fight and wanted nothing more than come out victorious,” admitted Dober following his loss.”Unfortunately things didn’t go my way this time around but credit where credit is due – Matt fought very well tonight.”

Fervol’s win came as no surprise considering he’s been steadily climbing up ranks since joining UFC two years ago while amassing seven wins overall within organization including two notable victories over Joe Lauzon and Justin Jaynes both ending by TKOs in Rounds 1 & 2 respectively.. With Frevolas future looking brighter than ever before there’s no telling what heights The Memphis Heat will ascend too next, only time will tell if another title shot is within reach for him or not..


this fight should never have been allowed to happen.

What is wrong with you people? Have you no respect for the sport? This result isn’t making anyone look good

yet everyone seems to be celebrating.

Are we living in some kind of alternate universe now where anything goes? This sort of finish would never be accepted in any other professional sport

it’s an embarrassment to the entire UFC organization and its fans. We need more responsible matchmaking if there’s ever going to be any real progress made in this field.

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