If you were not aware, UFC Fight Night: Edwards vs. Chimaev has been officially cancelled. The explanation provided by Chimaev’s management is that he is still in recovery from Covid-19. This left many confused as Khamzat’s withdraw as the undefeated stand-out had pulled out of his last bout after testing positive for Covid-19 over a month ago.

Usually, recovery from Covid does not take longer than a few weeks. This left the question as to why the UFC would book a fighter that is still suffering from the virus.

The further explanation from manager Ali Abdelaziz clarifies that Chimaev is not currently sick with the disease, but recovering from lung damage sustained from Covid. Sadly, the retort from many fight fans is that the dominant Khamzat is not being truthful in his reason to withdraw. This is likely due to the large amount of misinformation on the internet, downplaying or outright denying the severity of Covid-19 for political reasons.

The damage done to the body by Covid-19 has proven to vary widely. Most will fully recovery in weeks, however many, including athletic types such as Chimaev and Cody Garbrandt have suffered longer term effects. The symptoms usually stem from acute distress syndrome (ARDS) during infection, however the science is not clear on the exact reason for long term symptoms.

Those suffering after infection are now referred in the medical world as “long haulers.” Speaking from personal experience, I had mild symptoms in the summer from Covid-19. Months later, I have random onset of symptoms such as trouble breathing, aching muscles, and fatigue. All new, since the virus. In recent doctors visits, they are perplexed on what can be done, other than to take supplements for lung health and hope the damage to my body recovers.

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