Nate Diaz was caught off guard at a press conference Tuesday when informed of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation’s (TDLR) zero tolerance policy on marijuana. The TDLR, which is in charge of overseeing combat sports in the state, has a strict 50 ng/ml THC threshold where any level over that will result in a 90-day suspension and $500 fine, as well as overturning a win to a no contest. Diaz will be subject to marijuana testing leading up to his eight-round boxing match against Jake Paul on Aug. 5th in Dallas.

Diaz is known for openly using marijuana and has been seen smoking it during press conferences for his UFC fights. “There’s a lot of weed in [my system],” he admitted when asked about general drug testing at the aforementioned press conference promoting his upcoming fight with Paul. He seemed taken aback upon learning about Texas’ no tolerance policy, responding with “Wait what happened? Well let’s go to California.”

Marijuana use among MMA fighters has long been accepted and even encouraged by some organizations like USADA who have removed suspensions from their list of penalties for detected use due its potential benefits suchas pain relief or stress reduction. But other states such as Texas continue to enforce bans on marijuana among athletes competing under their jurisdiction – leaving Diaz stuck between two options: lay off the pot while training or risk facing consequences if tested over the threshold amount before entering into competition come August 5th..

It remains unclear whether Diaz will heed warnings given by TDLR officials or take matters into his own hands – whatever decision he makes could heavily impact how this bout ends up going down three months later at American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX., That being said, fans can catch all the latest news surrounding Nate Diaz & Jake Paul both pre-fight hype and actual fight night results right here at MMA Junkie!With the news of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation’s zero tolerance policy on marijuana, MMA fans have been left wondering what this means for one of the sports’ most outspoken cannabis advocates Nate Diaz. The bout between Diaz and Paul is set to take place in Dallas, which falls under TDLR jurisdiction, leaving Diaz with little choice but to either lay off his marijuana use or risk facing sanctions if tested over the threshold amount before stepping into competition. This new development has certainly added a new layer of intrigue to an already highly anticipated fight – one that should keep MMA fans guessing until August 5th when all questions will finally be answered come fight night!


Many MMA fans have long accepted and even supported the use of marijuana by fighters due to its potential benefits like pain relief or stress reduction

however, with Nate Diaz competing in Texas there is no choice but for him to comply with TDLR’s 50 ng/ml THC threshold or face harsh consequences

it will be interesting to see if he continues his open cannabis advocacy or if he instead opts for a more cautious approach going into this fight

It is unfortunate that Diaz has to deal with such stringent regulations as marijuana use has been widely accepted among many athletes in other sports. Even USADA removed suspensions from their list of penalties due to its potential benefits – while it won’t help him in Texas, perhaps other states could learn from their example.

I think people are overlooking the fact that Jake Paul also needs to adhere by these regulations so it isn’t only an issue for Nate Diaz – we’ll just have to wait until August 5th when both fighters will need meet certain criteria before entering competition.

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