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The Breakdown

Both Yair Rodriguez and Jeremy Stephens are known for their violence in the octagon, which means that betting on this bout is going to be a near “pick em'”. As the line has began to move however, Rodriguez (-125) has pulled away as the betting favorite. This is likely due to the fact that the bout will be in Rodriguez’s home turf of Mexico City. Judges are known to favor with the hometown hero, as statistics would prove. Now let’s review the path to Rodriguez vs Stephens Odds and Predictions.

Yair Rodriguez’s Path to Victory

Keep it standing and at range. Rodriguez will be the faster of the two and will have the kicking advantage. If he can keep it from going to the ground and utilize his kicks to the body, as we saw Jose Aldo do against Stephens (+100), it will be a good night for “El Pantera.” If Yair tries to trade blows as he did with “The Korean Zombie” he will be outgunned by the heavy slugger.

Jeremy Stephens’ Path to Victory

Stephens will need to close the gap early and get it to the ground if he wants to have success in the fight. Stephens is not known for his grappling, however he is the larger of the two, which he can use to hang and drain Yair. One of the best examples of how to deal with Rodriguez was put on display by Frankie Edgar who exposed his weakness on the bottom. Rodriguez has likely worked on this at Team Alpha Male, but it’s unlikely that he can catch up to athletes that have wrestling ingrained in their skillset.

Rodriguez vs. Stephens Prediction

Let’s get to the likely outcome. Rodriguez by decision. This is not a bold decision when you consider all the factors. Stephens is on the mend after coming off a harsh defeat against the former champion Jose Aldo, where he was put down by a liver shot. This is Rodriguez’s specialty. Add the fact that Rodriguez will be in his native home turf where he’s shined before. Both men are capable of flash knockouts, but they are also both known for their durability.

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