We have you covered with the best Ortega vs Korean Predictions online. “T-City” is coming off his first loss against the dominant champ, and looks to be an underdog versus the dangerous “TKZ” Chan Sung Jung in South Korea. Perhaps it’s the home court advantage for The Korean Zombie, but we’re surprised in the early odds on this one. Let’s break down each athletes path to victory, followed by our pick.

Chan Sung Jung’s Path to Victory

At 15-5 in MMA, Jung is seen by many as a gatekeeper. I don’t agree with that assessment however, as Jung has only lost top featherweights like Jose Aldo and Yair Rodriguez in the last six years. Jung has a unique submission game and relentless knockout striking. If there is any knock on him, it’s his time taken in layoffs. His long, three year hiatus is due to mandatory service in the Korean army. Hard to say how much further along or experienced he would of been otherwise. Regardless, he came back refreshed, starching TUF winner Dennis Bermudez in the first. And he can do that against Ortega. His challenger is similar to Khabib in striking. Strong haymakers without the crisp fundamental boxing. This is where TKZ can dominate. Keep it standing and utilize combos in the pocket, similar to how Holloway handled Ortega.

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Brian Ortega’s Path to Victory

“T-City” is hungry and replenished, and that’s bad news for everyone else in the division. He’s dangerous standing and on the ground. The problem is that everyone knows his glaring weaknesses now – the cardio and the fundamentals in the pocket. But if Ortega can get it to the ground early or catch a guillotine, none of those flaws matter. His Gracie submissions are the fastest we’ve seen to-date in the UFC. TKZ is also known to throw caution to the win and slug. Should Jung trade winged shots, that would play right into Ortega’s hands. If Ortega keep the fight in brawl mode while threatening with his flash submissions, it will be easy work for Ortega.

Ortega vs Korean Predictions

Underdog Brian Ortega by submission in the second round. The dominance of the former contender’s submission game is too much for TKZ. Jung may be slick on the ground as well, but there’s levels to jiu-jitsu and there is no one on Ortega’s level. Zombie’s striking may be a challenge for Ortega, but we also know that patience is not in TKZ’s wheelhouse. Korean Zombie is a fan favorite for good reason – he likes to jump into the frey. Unfortunately for him, that’s exactly where Brian Ortega shines.

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