Will Levis

Team: Tennessee Titans
Position: QB
Height: 6-4
Weight: 229
Arms: 32
Hands: 10 3/4
Experience: R
College: Kentucky
Age: 24
Hometown: Madison, CT

Will Levis is an accomplished athlete and rising quarterback in the National Football League (NFL). Although he has not played in the NFL yet, his reputation as a powerful thrower with intense accuracy has garnered a lot of attention from NFL scouts and teams. Playing his college football career at Penn State University and later at the University of Kentucky, Levis has a promising career in the NFL.

Levis was born in Madison, Connecticut on May 22, 1998. From his earliest years, he displayed a passionate interest in sports and competition. At a young age, he was drawn to football, displaying a natural skill for the game. During his high school years at Xavier High School, Levis was recognized as an exceptional talent and a promising star. His relentless energy and strategic intelligence set him apart from his peers.

Upon graduation, Levis received recruitment offers from several colleges. However, he chose to play at Penn State University, an institution renowned for its robust football program. His agility, distinguishment in strategic reading of the game, and strong throwing arm solidified him as a key player. He served as a backup quarterback during his sophomore and junior years before transferring to the University of Kentucky in 2020.

At Pennsylvania’s Penn State University, he demonstrated not only physical talent but also a keen understanding of the game’s strategic intricacies. His completion percentage averaged over 60% at Penn State, and he also contributed with his running ability, scoring three touchdowns in his final season.

In his final year at the University of Kentucky, Levis continued to impress with his outstanding playing skills. He passed for 2,410 yards with 18 touchdowns and helped Kentucky win the Citrus Bowl game against Iowa, earning praise for his resilience and determination.

He spent much effort honing his abilities and refining his understanding of football, engrossing himself in strategy and drills while coworking with his strength and conditioning coaches to build his physical attributes. His teammates and coaches see him as both a robust player and a humble individual who is always hardworking and eager to learn.

His off-field persona is as striking as his athletic prowess. Respected for his leadership, Levis commands respect from his teammates through his dedication to the game and commitment to help his team win. He is known for his vivacious personality, admirable work ethics, and selfless contributions, which have endeared him to both teammates and fans.

As he gears towards an NFL career, Levis’ path goes far beyond immeasurable statistical records. It is his potential, his undying hard work, and his unyielding spirit that have garnered the attention of not just NFL scouts and teams, but also of football fans eagerly waiting to see him take another step on his journey into the NFL.

In conclusion, Will Levis is more than just an aspiring NFL athlete; he is the symbol of what the sport stands for—hard work, resilience, teamwork, passion, and unyielding spirit. His journey serves as inspiration and motivation for young athletes around the globe, and as he continues to hone his skills and talents, the NFL remains a promising frontier for his formidable talents.

Latest Stats

Indianapolis Colts vs. Tennessee Titans on Dec 03, 2023 Stats (home)
projected_passing_yards: 209
projected_passing_attempts: 31.1
projected_rushing_attempts: 3.3
projected_passing_completions: 18.7

Tennessee Titans vs. Pittsburgh Steelers on Nov 02, 2023 Stats (away)
projected_passing_yards: 348.9
projected_passing_attempts: 48.7
projected_rushing_attempts: 11.4
projected_passing_completions: 29.6