Trevor Lawrence

Team: Jacksonville Jaguars
Position: QB
Height: 6-6
Weight: 220
Arms: 31 1/2
Hands: 10
Experience: 3
College: Clemson
Age: 24
Hometown: Cartersville, GA

Trevor Lawrence is an American football quarterback for the Clemson Tigers of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). He was born in Cartersville, Georgia on October 6, 1999 and attended Cartersville High School. Lawrence led his team to two state championships as a starting quarterback. After high school, he chose to attend Clemson University where he played for three years and was recently named ACC Player of the Year in 2020.

Lawrence has been one of the top quarterbacks prospect since he entered college. In 2018, he led the Clemson Tigers to a College Football Playoff National Championship win over Alabama Crimson Tide with a 44-16 victory; becoming only the second true freshman quarterback ever to win this type of championship game. This performance earned him MVP honors while also breaking numerous school records along with tying several NCAA records including most passing yards by any freshman in FBS history at 4,588 yards as well as most touchdown passes thrown by any freshman in FBS history at 36 touchdowns.

In 2019 Lawrence continued to excel leading his team to another undefeated season and an appearance in another national championship game which they lost narrowly against LSU 42-25; earning him Offensive MVP honors for that season’s College Football Playoff semifinal matchup against Ohio State despite not winning that game either due to suffering from flu-like symptoms throughout it. The same year also saw Lawrence break numerous single season records such as pass completions (327), completion percentage (66%,)and total offensive yards per game (359).

Lawrence is currently projected by many pundits and scouts alike as being one of if not THE best NFL Draft prospects entering 2021 draft class given how successful his collegiate career has been so far along with having all physical tools necessary required for success at pro level suchAcceleration , arm strength & accuracy ; making him very coveted among teams looking for franchise quarterbacks like Jacksonville Jaguars or New York Jets who are both expected make use first overall pick get their hands on him . With current NFL superstars like Aaron Rodgers coming out endorsing Trevor’s potential through social media due all aforementioned reasons we can safely assume that Trevor will have bright future ahead if chooses play professional level regardless whichever team decides select come April 2021 .

Latest Stats

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Jacksonville Jaguars on Dec 04, 2023 Stats (home)
projected_passing_yards: 414
projected_passing_attempts: 57.8
projected_rushing_attempts: 12.2
projected_passing_completions: 39.1

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Kansas City Chiefs on Jan 21, 2023 Stats (away)
projected_passing_yards: 246.8
projected_passing_attempts: 38.4
projected_rushing_attempts: 3.2
projected_passing_completions: 23.5

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Jacksonville Jaguars on Jan 14, 2023 Stats (home)
projected_passing_yards: 241.8
projected_passing_attempts: 34.4
projected_rushing_attempts: 3.6
projected_passing_completions: 22.8

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Houston Texans on Jan 01, 2023 Stats (away)
projected_passing_yards: 266.1
projected_passing_attempts: 35.2
projected_rushing_attempts: 4
projected_passing_completions: 23.4

Las Vegas Raiders vs. Jacksonville Jaguars on Nov 06, 2022 Stats (home)
projected_passing_yards: 260.6
projected_passing_attempts: 36
projected_rushing_attempts: 3.2
projected_passing_completions: 23.3

Denver Broncos vs. Jacksonville Jaguars on Oct 30, 2022 Stats (home)
projected_passing_yards: 228.8
projected_passing_attempts: 34.7
projected_rushing_attempts: 3.5
projected_passing_completions: 21.5

Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles on Oct 16, 2022 Stats (away)
projected_passing_yards: 244.1
projected_passing_attempts: 35.9
projected_rushing_attempts: 3.1
projected_passing_completions: 22.4

Buffalo Bills vs. Jacksonville Jaguars on Nov 07, 2021 Stats (home)
projected_passing_yards: 118

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Cincinnati Bengals on Sep 30, 2021 Stats (away)
projected_passing_yards: 204