Sean Mannion

Team: Minnesota Vikings
Position: QB
Height: 6-6
Weight: 230
Arms: 33 1/2
Hands: 9
Experience: 8
College: Oregon State
Age: 31

Sean Thomas Mannion, born on April 25, 1992 in San Jose, California, is a professional American football quarterback currently associated with the National Football League (NFL). Known for his impressive passing accuracy, Mannion has demonstrated formidable skills on the field throughout his sporting career, earning recognition as one of the proficient quarterbacks in the NFL landscape.

Mannion attended Foothill High School in Pleasanton, California, where he first uncovered his passion and talent for football. His performance during his senior year, when he threw for 27 touchdowns and passed a total of 3,521 yards, had several universities showing interest.

Despite the many offers, Mannion accepted a scholarship from Oregon State University. During his time at Oregon, he became the school’s all-time leader in passing yards (13,600), completions (1,187) and touchdown passes (83). His impressive records during his college career put him on the professional football radar, setting the stage for the next chapter in his football career.

Mannion declared for the NFL Draft in 2015. The St. Louis Rams selected him in the third round, marking the beginning of his professional career. Despite a relatively slow start, he proved his passing accuracy and demonstrated his understanding and command of the game, earning him the backup position to starting quarterback Case Keenum.

Following the Rams’ relocation to Los Angeles, Mannion continued to play as a backup quarterback. His hard work and dedication paid off when he was given an opportunity to show his mettle during the 2017 season. While he did not get enough playing time to secure significant personal achievements, his contributions to the team during both practice and game time played a role in the Rams’ successful seasons.

After spending four years with the Rams, Mannion was signed by the Minnesota Vikings in 2019, where he continued to serve as a backup quarterback, this time to Kirk Cousins. Though his appearances on the field remained limited, Mannion’s knowledge of the game made him an invaluable asset to the Vikings’ quarterback room.

His stint with the Minnesota Vikings lasted for two seasons, after which he briefly joined the Seattle Seahawks in 2021 before returning to the Minnesota Vikings in the same year. As an experienced quarterback, the role he played extended beyond the field, also offering mentorship to younger players.

Over the course of his career, Mannion has proven his worth not just in the starting lineup but also from the sidelines. His solid knowledge of the gameplay, combined with his leadership skills, has increasingly become his defining trait. Injuries and limited field time may have kept Mannion from cementing significant individual records, but his contribution to the teams he has been part of is undeniable.

While he has yet to reach the pinnacle of his professional career, Sean Mannion undeniably possesses the skills, knowledge, and dedication essential to the role of a quarterback. Throughout all the transfers and transitions, Mannion’s passion for the game remains unwavering, making him an athlete to watch in the coming years.

Latest Stats

Minnesota Vikings vs. Atlanta Falcons on Nov 05, 2023 Stats (away)
projected_passing_yards: 30.5
projected_passing_attempts: 4.6
projected_passing_completions: 2.5