Ronald Jones

Team: Kansas City Chiefs
Position: RB

Ronald Jones is an American professional football player who currently plays running back for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the National Football League (NFL). He was drafted by the team in the second round of the 2018 NFL Draft.

Born on August 3, 1997, in McKinney, Texas to Ronald and Wendy Jones, Ronald attended McKinney North High School where he showed great promise as a football player. During his high school career he amassed over 4,000 yards rushing and 52 touchdowns while also recording 298 tackles and 5 interceptions on defense. After high school he committed to attend USC where he played college football from 2015-2017. At USC, Jones made a name for himself as one of their best running backs ever with over 3,500 yards and 39 touchdowns during his time there. In 2017, after his junior year at USC he declared for entry into the 2018 NFL draft where he would be selected by Tampa Bay in round two with pick 38 overall.

In 2019 Jones had a breakout season for Tampa Bay after working closely with new head coach Bruce Arians on improving all areas of his game from route running to pass blocking. His efforts paid off as he ended up leading all Buccaneers’ rushers that season accumulating 724 yards while averaging 4.2 yards per carry along with 6 rushing touchdowns which landed him an appearance at this years Pro Bowl game in Orlando Florida marking him as one of top young rising stars at his position around league today . Looking ahead going into 2020 it’s expected that Ronald will have even bigger role within Bucs offense under new Offensive Coordinator Byron Leftwich so fans can expect more big things coming from this talented three year vet out of Cali .

Although most people know him now because of what you see on Sundays , what some don’t know about this 25 year old is when not playing ball or training , Ronald loves spending time outdoors exploring nature’s beauty whether it be hiking or camping . Also if given chance , you could catch him behind wheel competing race car tracks around country too . All together , I think we can agree that no matter how situation shapes up , Ronald has definitely proven everyone wrong by staying focused and driven towards achieving goals set before self early long ago … Now let’s just wait & see what else comes from future endeavors !!

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