Mason Rudolph

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers
Position: QB
Height: 6-5
Weight: 235
Arms: 32 1/2
Hands: 9 1/4
Experience: 6
College: Oklahoma State
Age: 28

Title: Mason Rudolph: An Esteemed Pillar of the NFL

Mason Rudolph, born on July 17, 1995, in Rock Hill, South Carolina, has carved a name for himself as an elite professional NFL player. His prowess as a quarterback has been instrumental in propelling not only himself but his team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, into loftier heights of American football.

Rudolph grew up in a family that values sports, which became the foundation for his journey into professional football. His father, Brett Rudolph, was a linebacker at the University of North Carolina, and this influential background helped fuel Mason’s passion.

The development of Mason Rudolph’s skills in football began at Westminster Catawba Christian School and later Northwestern High School. His performance earned him the naming as the Oklahoma State’s greatest quarterback. This was after ascending the ranks and receiving a full-time scholarship. His innate leadership skills, combined with his record-setting performances, impressed many college recruits.

In 2014, Rudolph began his successful collegiate career at Oklahoma State University. Despite his redshirt freshman title, his stellar performance against Baylor, in which he recorded 281 passing yards and two touchdowns, landed him the position of a starting quarterback at a Bowl game. Consequently, he was named the MVP at the Cactus Bowl for his impressive performance.

Rudolph’s sophomore, junior, and senior seasons at Oklahoma State University were just as accomplished. His drive, diligence, and skill had earned him a permanent position as the team’s starting quarterback. In 2017, he earned the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award and the Sammy Baugh Trophy, a clear testament of his undisputed talent.

As he graduated from Oklahoma, Rudolph was positioned for a successful career in professional football, holding at the time Big 12 conference’s single-season and career passing yards records. His cumulative stats of 13,618 passing yards and 92 touchdowns impressed NFL scouts, and in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted him in the third round.

Rudolph’s rookie season was primarily a learning period. Surrounded by experienced players, he spent his first year in the NFL as a third-string quarterback, where he learned valuable tricks of the trade. Following the 2018 season, a departure of Landry Jones promoted him to a back-up position for Ben Roethlisberger.

In the 2019 season, Rudolph’s career took an impressive turn after an elbow injury to Roethlisberger. Rudolph filled the starting quarterback’s cleats, showing his true potential. Earning his first victory against Cincinnati Bengals, he finished the season with 1,765 passing yards and 13 touchdowns.

The 2020 season represents a critical point in Rudolph’s career. While he started the season as a backup quarterback for Roethlisberger, his performance in the season’s finale against Cleveland Browns, where he achieved a career-high of 315 passing yards and two touchdowns, demonstrated that Rudolph was more than prepared to hold his own in the NFL.

Throughout his career, Mason Rudolph has exhibited an impressive level of resilience and unyielding determination. He has faced controversies, such as a well-publicized on-field skirmish with Myles Garrett of the Cleveland Browns during the 2019 season but has focused on his growth and development as a player rather than engaging in further disputes.

Off the field, Rudolph is known for his philanthropic endeavours and community service. He has worked with children, inspiring them to dream bigger and work harder. Specifically, he has been associated with numerous hospital visits and non-profit organizations.

In conclusion, Mason Rudolph’s journey embodies pure determination and exemplary sportsmanship. From his early days in Northwestern High School to his current position as a quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Rudolph’s career is a metaphor for a penchant for growth, commitment, and hard work. Despite the hurdles he has had to overcome, Rudolph’s endurance and steadfastness shine through, and his story serves as a testament to his indomitable spirit.


What Is The Contract Of Mason Rudolph?
Mason Rudolph has signed a one-year contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers for $1,080,000, with a cap hit of $940,000 and a dead cap value of $1,080,000 in 2023.

Who Is Mason Rudolph's Wife?
As of the available information, Mason Rudolph is not reported to be married.

What Is Mason Rudolph's Age?
Mason Rudolph is 28 years old.

What College Did Mason Rudolph Attend?
Mason Rudolph attended Oklahoma State University for college.

Who Is Mason Rudolph's Girlfriend?
Mason Rudolph's girlfriend is Canadian-born tennis star, Eugenie Bouchard.

Who Hit Mason Rudolph With A Helmet?
Myles Garrett hit Mason Rudolph with a helmet.

What Is Mason Rudolph's Height?
Mason Rudolph stands at a height of 6′ 5″.

Where Can I Buy A Mason Rudolph Jersey?
You can buy a Mason Rudolph #2 Men's Nike Replica Home Jersey from the official NFL shop online or any reputable sports retail store.

Latest Stats

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Buffalo Bills on Jan 15, 2024 Stats (away)
projected_passing_yards: 335.2
projected_rushing_yards: 4.7
projected_passing_attempts: 45.2
projected_rushing_attempts: 5.9
projected_passing_completions: 28.8

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens on Jan 06, 2024 Stats (away)
projected_passing_yards: 167.2
projected_rushing_yards: 7.6
projected_passing_attempts: 25.7
projected_rushing_attempts: 2.1
projected_passing_completions: 15.4